Manor Reports

19 November, 1932

Our Great Leader

Our great General Secretary Joseph Stalin immediately imposed the land management system known as collectivization to benefit the Soviet Union as a nation. Collectivization resulted in the increase of farmlands to the nation, which carried high profits for the modernization of our great nation.

Among the farmers that were entrusted to look after the land in Ukraine, bundles of people started causing trouble between the workers and our leader, spreading vicious rumors of tyranny and murder. They proved themselves to be the enemies of the people, leading many into deception. Their acts of rebellion and sabotage to the land they walked on and its people just reinforced the idea. The burning of homes, reported thefts, and harassed, even assassinated Soviet authorities resulted in their actions they portrayed. The Soviet troops were rushed to put an end to all the suffering those people had caused. The rebels were reported being seized and transported to prison camps to pay justly for their crimes.

After the anxiousness of the situation had passed, the Ukrainian people pulled together and harvested the abundance of wheat crop that grew this year. They also donated some of their crop to generate profit for the worthy cause of aiding our leader’s decision to modernize the Soviet Union. This was seen as a token of their gratitude to Stalin for the governments work on dismantling the destruction the terrorists had caused.

Animal Farm Socializes

It was reported early this morning that Animal Farm’s occupants were see socializing with other farmers. It is said that many head farmers were seen going through their gate as guests. They apparently received a lovely tour of the farm and a very filling meal as well.

Reporters at the scene, observed the pigs were walking on two legs with their apparent leader being escorted by dogs. He stated his name was Napoleon, and had a tobacco pipe comfortably sitting in his mouth. The other animals were seen weeding the turnip fields while the pigs and even some dogs carried whips supervising the area. It was all very interesting, as some of the animals were even seen wearing what was considered clothes and acting as civilized as the human that accompanied them.

The visiting farmers stated having a marvelously close look at the windmill that was built towards the farm's back fields. It is said to be a very mighty structure and functioned as a mechanism for managing grain. The hospitality and civil actions that was showed to these people told us that these animals were defiantly evolving. If the wish of their leader was to be recognized, he certainly received what he was looking for.

Letter from a Viewer

As a high school student I thought it was important for me to send in a letter of my opinions regarding the events occurring in the Soviet Union. I personally think that modernizing our way of life is indeed important. I have been a reader of the current events section of Manor Reports for over three years and I am pleased to hear that the Soviet Union is pulling through these ridiculous attacks on our leader and his motives. I am a firm believer of nonviolence but I understand that this matter which was defined by violence could not be extinguished with just water. The Ukrainians that have chosen to rebel do not deserve the kindness of our leader but those who have stayed on the path and support Stalin are evident and should be recognized.

I do have a few questions regarding the Animal Farm event that was reported along side the Stalin matter. I was wondering if the reports were actually true. I believed that the farm was secluding itself from the market and resisting all other efforts of communication with the humans. I wish to know more about who they are starting to trade with and what business they're relying on. It's very fascinating to me, and I bet others as well, of the progress they made and the hardships they've gone through.




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