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Our compression gear can enhance overall circulation in which assists muscle recovery so you can get back in the gym! Even wearing compression AFTER your workout reduces delayed onset muscle soreness.

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They love it!

People of all shapes and sizes love our spandex! Whether they're running a 5k or taking an easy walk, they always make sure they have their favorite spandex on! It's lightweight and comfortable, so anyone can enjoy!


Everyone wears our spandex no matter what age or gender! They simply cannot get enough! Come on into our outlet so you can have the same satisfaction they experience with our gear!

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Usain Bolt

Not only does the community love our sport's attire, but Usain Bolt is often found with our famous spandex shorts. It is almost always found with him! His record of 23 mph was achieved while wearing our material!


Puma's sports attire is far less beneficial than our patented clothing. Puma does not offer the support of the joints that we do. Their gear does not allow the body to secrete fluid to lubricate the joints, but we do because of the improved circulation! Our attire will most definitely bring your body the benefits that Puma does not!