Text Responsibly!

Text What You Would Say In Person


Texting is a good way to communicate! But if your not thinking before you text it could really hurt someones feelings. Think about it this way, don't text anything that you would not tell that person in face to face or what you would not like receiving. Texting can be fun if you don't use it to hurt someones feelings or Cyber bully!

What You Can do and know!

Texting disadvantages and advantages

Although there are some advantages such as..........

Communicate far distances


It will always work (unlike phone disconnection)

Send message faster

But you got to be careful and understand some of the disadvantages such as ...........

You won't know their voice tone (misunderstanding)

Hurtful messages

publicly online in a bad way

Cyber bullying

How to be Safe?

  • Tell a trusted adult or friend
  • Change your settings to privacy
  • Remove all unknown people on your friends list
  • Call the kids help phone
  • Don't do any surveys or accept any unknown offers without an trustful adults permission
  • Don't post any private stuff online
  • Think before you post


  1. Step up and stand up for the victim
  2. Gather a group and make the victim feel better
  3. Convince the bully that this is not right