Class News

September 21, 2014

This week...

  • 10:45-12:00 Thursday - MAP testing for Language Usage
  • Friday is Terrific Kid....Hmmm....wonder who it is??? :)
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Our quiz revealed we are doing a great job with multiplying. Most girls have found the strategy that works best for her. We will continue multiplying this week with DECIMALS. Miss Johnson has a strategy that is awesome! She will be getting us started with multiplying decimals Monday in a concrete way!

Social Studies

We have begun Westward Expansion. We have learned about the geographic features that affected the travel west. This week we will see the new "technology" that was invented to overcome the harshness of the terrain. Then we will look at the various people groups and the conflict and cooperation that existed there. Miss Johnson is tackling the Transcontinental Railroad on Friday.
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We will continue our Mixtures and Solutions kit. This week we will be comparing salt crystals and citric acid crystals. Are they alike? Are they different? How were they alike and different when we added them to 50 mL of water? We will then move into concentration with a favorite drink....Kool Aid! :) Do you make it using the recommended recipe or do you mix it to suit your own taste?


We will continue to write several personal narratives. Our focus this week is adding dialogue to our writing and punctuating it correctly. We will also be searching for and using better words for "said." :) Can you name/find some unique words for said?
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  • MAP scores should have been written in their agendas. Ask your daughter for her scores.


In reading, we are going to focus on making inferences and using text to support our inference. We will also be studying the structure of fictional literature.