By: Jessica Crow

Odysseus being heroic

Odysseus is very heroic and you can always count on him! One way that he is heroic is when him and his men get stuck in the cave with the cyclops. He doesn't panic, he comes up with an amazing plan. He doesn't just want to get himself out, he wants to get him and his men out of the cave. Here is a quote from the story "I considered the best way of escaping, and saving myself, and my men from death."

Being smart is also being heroic

Odysseus is smart in very many ways. One way is how eh cam up with a plan to not only get himself out but to get his men out also. It states in the story "I dreamed up all sorts of tricks and schemes, as a man will in a life or death matter: it was an evil situation. This was the plan that seemed best." He outsmarted a cyclops!

Being loyal is being heroic

Odysseus is loyal all the way! You can always count on him to save the day because he doesn't just think of himself, he thinks of others like his men. Odysseus didn't want to go out of the cave alone so he came up with a plan to get him and his men out of the cave. He always thinks the best of his friends. It states I. The story "Then I ordered the rest of my loyal friends to stay there and guard the ship, while I selected the twelve best men and went forward."