San Jose State University

Founded in 1857

History of San Jose

San Jose State University was founded in 1857, it was founded as Minns' evening normal school. San Jose is the oldest public school of education in the state, it now offers 134 bachelor master's degrees with 110 concentrations. Since its opening in 1857 San Jose has had 28 presidents.

Student Life

For the student life there is a variety number of programs and athletics. The clubs and programs offered at San Jose State University range from disability programs to scholars programs that will help their own students with any disabilities that they may have and allow them to discover grad schools. Along with these programs San Jose has a large range of athletic programs for current students. For men and women sports they offer baseball through water polo, just women sports they have swimming/diving, beach volleyball, gymnastics, volleyball and even track and field.

More Information on San Jose

More Information Part 2!


San Jose in one of West best ranked public school, they are also one of the most challenging research places. They offer hundreds of classe and programs such as undergraduate, graduate and even doctoral program fpo the students there. If researched based job is what you are looking for then San Jose is the place to be!


There are currently six members of the president's cabinet who help make the current decisions along with the president. The current president right now is Stacy Gleixner while the vice president is Regional Blaylock.