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Hellstern Middle School Newsletter, Springdale, AR

2019-2020 Issue 15, November 11, 2019

Weather Update....

It seems hard to believe, but we are looking at inclement weather tomorrow (11/11/19). We will make a decision about postponing the 7th grade choir concert by 2pm tomorrow.

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November Heroes of the Month - Way to go!!

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Our Staff Member of the Month is......Mrs. Firth!

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Also this past week.....

We had a team participate in a regional Special Olympics Bowling competition! They did a great job and we are so proud of our HEROES!!

Donation needed.....

One of our teachers is planning some project work with recycled plastics. We are needing the following:

3 working irons (old and used is fine - as long as they produce dry heat)

A couple of boxes of parchment paper

Plastic material/pieces. Examples include:

- plastic tablecloth

- plastic sacks (especially nonwhite ones)

- any thin plastic material

- 2 sets of looms

If you would like to donate materials, please send them to the office. Thanks!

Meet Our Heroes!

Every week we want to introduce you to fabulous Heroes that work at Hellstern. We have some of the best teachers and staff in the world and can't wait for you to get to know them!
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Check out some of the great things happening in our science rooms the last few weeks!

Upcoming Dates


11th - Veteran's Day Assembly @ 9:30am - All are welcome, reception to follow

11th - 7th grader choir rehearses @ HBHS PAC (12-3pm)

11th - HMS Choir Concert @ 7pm (HBHS PAC)

12th - Cell Phone/Social Media 101 for parents only (6-7pm)

25th-29th - Thanksgiving Holiday - No School

Athletics Calendar


16th - Girls Bball vs. Farmington @ FHS (9am)

16th - Boys Bball vs. Farmington @ FHS (10am)


2nd - Boys Bball vs. KMS @ George JHS (5:30pm)

2nd - Girls Bball vs. KMS @ Central JHS (5:30pm)

5th - Boys Bball vs. SMS @ CJHS (4:30pm)

5th - Girls Bball vs. SMS @ LJHS (5:30pm)

9th - Boys Bball vs. Elmwood @ Elmwood (5:30pm)

9th - Girls Bball vs. Elmwood @ CJHS (5:30pm)

12th - Boys Bball vs. Woodland @ CJHS (5:30pm)

12th - Girls Bball vs. Woodland @ Woodland (4:30pm)

16th - Boys & Girls Bball vs. HTMS @ HBHS (4:30pm - two gyms)


6th - Boys Bball vs. Shiloh Christian @ SC (4pm)

9th - Boys Bball vs. Fulbright @ Fulbright (5:30pm)

9th - Girls Bball vs. Fulbright @ CJHS (5:30pm)

13th - Boys Bball vs. Oakdale @ CJHS (5:30pm)

13th - Girls Bball vs. Oakdale @ Oakdale (4:30pm)

16th - Boys Bball vs. SMS @ LJHS (5:30pm)

16th - Girls Bball vs. SMS @ CJHS (4:30pm)

20th - Boys Bball vs. Bentonville Lincoln @ Lincoln JH (5:30pm)

20th - Girls Bball vs. Lincoln JH @ CJHS (4:30pm)

23rd - Boys Bball vs. Washington @ CJHS (5:30pm)

23rd - Girls Bball vs. Washington @ Washington (4:30pm)

27th - Boys Bball vs. Siloam Springs @ SS (5:30pm)

27th - Girls Bball vs. Siloam Springs @ CJHS (4:30pm)

30th - Boys Bball vs. Ramay @ CJHS (5:30pm)

30th - Girls Bball vs. Ramay @ Ramay (4:30pm)


3rd - Boys Bball vs. Kirksey @ Kirksey (5:30pm)

3rd - Girls Bball vs. Kirksey @ CJHS (4:30pm)

6th - Boys Bball vs. KMS @ CJHS (5:30pm)

6th - Girls Bball vs. KMS @ GJHS (5:30pm)

10th - Boys Bball vs. Lingle @ CJHS (5:30pm)

10th - Girls Bball vs. Lingle @ Lingle (5:30pm)

13th - Boys & Girls Bball vs. HTMS @ HBHS (4:30pm two gyms)