DeLaPaz Dazzlers News

September 16, 2016


Welcome to our first all STUDENT made newsletter! Don't forget to look at my website for important skill information!

Important Dates

September 23rd- Math Test

Fridays- Reading calendars checked

D days- LIBRARY books due

September 28th- Picture Day

September 28th- Spirit Wear Due


In pe today we played a game I cant rember what it was called but it was hard but not to much.There was hopes that you can get holhopes and every one had how much hualhopes.One was 6 one was 3 and one was 1.Like every time I tried to get 6 I almost got it.Everone tried thier best.



In art we are making lizards and parrots. We are using cool and warm colors. We are making it for art to remember. We also started to paint the background and color our lizards and parrots. We are making patterns on our animals. We are making our art to remember out of oil pass stells. We are also using this very cool technique when you make puddles of water. then you paint it with water paint. then you put salt on it and then you let it dry.Then you would take off the salt.

Art By;caleb


Math in Mrs. DeLaPaz’s class

In Math we are learning Multiplication. We learned how to multiply Nines,Twos,Fives,Zeros and Ones. We also learned skip counting,repeated addition, repeated subtraction and number lines. We have learned The Commutative Property of Multiplication, The Identity (One)Property of Multiplication and the Zero Property of Multiplication. We also learned Arrays. We learned that Arrays can show The commutative property of multiplication. We are learning A Lot of stuff in Math.

By Sofija Natalija Graba


What We Did In Music:

in music class we are learning about the staff and we are learning the song Ram Sam Sam. We are learning the letters on the staff and what they mean one of them are Elvis`s Guitar Broke Down Friday that is one of them and they are more. We are using beanbag and pasing them to the song Ram Sam Sam. We are having a lot of fun with Mrs.Crow as you can see.-By: Maggie


In reading we did haiku and we met with Mrs.DeLaPaz in reading groups and we read a story and then we had to do a paper when you had to write what happened first, next, then, after that, and on the back we had to write the meaning of words and write like your own newspaper but, you had to use the vocabulary words. We did a storyboard and you got to put the the story we read as a class called Kumak’s fish in the events it happened. There were people, backgrounds, shapes, and a lot of cool things. The storyboard was really fun! We also did a typing thing were you had to write how can we achieve goals. There were spelling city activities to do and there were the spelling words and vocabulary words.We did this reding app called newsela and you did a paper about the article you just read. We did this spelling activity in google docs and you got to write a sentence but, you had to use each spelling word. We did another thing in google docs called hyperbole and you underline the hyperbole.

By: Avery Bajgrowicz :)

Social Studies

This week in SS we are working on making a wear I live.

The first thing we had to do is take pictures of our house.

The next thing we has to do is look up pictures of thing like the world or the state.

The last thing we had to do is print out the pictures.

By: Cynthia


What we did in writing

We disscused about predicates and subjects we learned nouns and we learned are words of the week. We did our spelling pre test and we did the real test on friday witch is today. And we uploaded a story called kumaks fish on story board that. Then played kahoot. Then wriring was over. By: Jacob

Next Week in our room

Next week the students will be reading a non-fiction story about a supermarket. Here we will be practicing compare and contrast, digraphs, pictographs, and multiple meaning words. In writing we will continue writing and understanding the basics of sentences. We will also write about our story using evidence from the text. In math we will finish Topic 2 with a test on Friday. Remember those math worksheets can be used to help reinforce what we do each day and to study for the test. In social studies the students will be creating a video about there place in space. It will be a fun filled week!

PBIS Update

PAWS Pride

This week our PAWS Pride lesson focused on expectations during indoor recess. The students discussed appropriate choices to make during this time and how to make positive choices when interacting with classmates. Our school has also decided indoor recess will be Chromebook free. This is another opportunity for our students to interact and socialize with their peers.

Music News from Mrs. Crowe

This week we worked on a song from Morocco called "A Ram Sam Sam." We added instruments to the song and played a passing game. In Morocco, when they play the game they play with rocks! Ask your child what we passed around the circle instead of rocks!