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By: Jaedyn Cunningham

Advice Column

Dear jaedyn,

I was going to get a new laptop for my daughter for Christmas but I'm not sure if it would be safe for an 11 year old to have a computer when there is so much unknown stalkers and Hakers out in the world? I mean I don't know who she is talking to on there or what she looks at on their either. What should I do? Get her a laptop or not?

- worried mother

Dear worried,

Maybe you should wait tell she gets older to give her a laptop. Like you said, you don't know who is out there in the world, they could hack her computer and you wouldn't even know, or she could be talking to someone she doesn't know on there and that could end badly.

- jaedyn

A must see movie!!

Brain Jack

Brain jack is a must see movie of 2015. It has action, adventure, and romance. Travel threw technology with Sam, and find out how one hack can change your life forever. Movie premiers tomorrow at 9pm. Don't miss it.
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Gaining weight with neuro headsets?

Research from google states that neuro headset are making you gain weight. Scientist states that every hour you wear the headset you gain at least two pounds. To prevent this you should at least walk a mile a day or walk to Walmart or a gas station to get your excercise.