Fishing City

Come visit our wonderful city of geometry.

All about Will and Thomas' Fishing City

Our city is the best place in the world to visit and fish. It has a tasty resonant called Bobber Tower, a guest house, a huge lake called Yellow Stone, a fishing store called W and T's Fishing World, we also have a mansion for Will and Thomas, a hot tub, community pool, and a track called Superman. We also have fore streets called Bluegill, Sturgeon, Galugpa, and Catfish. There is also a gigantic parking lot for any visitors. So that is all of the thing in our city.



Catfish Street and Bluegill street are translations. Bluegill Street and Sturgeon Street are rotations. Will's drive way and Thomas' drive way are reflections.


Galugpa Street and Bluegill Street form a right angle on every corner. On the left corner of Sturgeon Street it forms a obtuse and on the right it forms a acute.

3d places to visit

You are always welcome to say hi to Will and Thomas at there mansions, grab some thing to eat at Bobber Tower Restaurant, spend the night at the guest house, or even grab some bate to fish with at W and T's Fishing World.

2d places to visit

You are always welcome to take a swim in the community pool, hang out in the hot tub, take a run on Superman Track, or last but not least, through a couple of lines in Yellow Stone Lake.

Thank you for looking at this smore and i hope you choose to come to fishing city!