The Diary of Anne Frank

Mr. Frank

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He was the father of Anne Frank. He had two daughters Margot and Anne Frank. He also have a wife named Edith Frank. She kept the Van Daan families and Mr. Dussel safe. Also his family of course.

Paragraph 1

In The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme “You need family to love in your life.” Many times the families needed each other to stay in the Anne, during the hardest times. When they were celebrating Hanukkah some random thief came in and stole a radio, and a cash box. Everyone was freaking out not calm at all, except Mr. Frank he calmed everyone down so no one would lose their heads. “We were sure that this was not the end. But it isn't the end. We're alive still, and safe” (409). Most of families in the annex were feeling unsafe, but Mr.Frank got them closer together to have a better relationship with each other. Another example of you need family to love in your life is when Anne had nightmares. Her family calmed her down when she was crying and screaming in the morning (397). “Hush darling. Hush. It's all right. It's all right. It's nothing my darling. It was just a dream.” Mrs. Frank said (397). Mr. Dussel was getting frustrated but Mrs. Frank calmed Anne and Dussel down. Everything from then was smooth.

Paragraph 2

In the Diary of Anne Frank, another good theme is “ Hope and courage is good thing to have during tough times.” During the play and book there were many times they had to have courage and faith to stay calm. They wanted to feel protected and safe so the Nazis wouldn't come kill or hurt them. “Most of the people in the play wanted Anne to change. “They couldn't stay together at one point because all they wanted was for her to change. “They all hoped the thief wouldn't tell the secret police about the annex and not to get hurt from them.” But it turned out they were wrong. The Nazis came and got them.

Paragraph 3

One object I think symbolizes Mr. Frank are keys. I think that because Mr. Frank wants to all the families safe. He had a bookcase cover the staircase up to where they were staying. He had them safe almost two years. When that thief came to steal the cashbox and the radio Mr. Frank went out there to make sure they were safe and not going to get hurt. But when the Nazis came they all got taken but Mr. Frank survived. He got rewarded for keeping everyone safe for almost 2 years. To this day Mr. Frank will be remembered as a savior to all those families in that play.
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