Journal 3

Mbongo Valery

Last quarter

We are in the last 9 weeks of school. The Last quarter of my high school career. I am

beyond ecstatic but then again I’m a little sad. I feel like my youth is slipping away and

the amount of responsibilities that I have will increase. I am scared to thrown in the ‘real

world’ but hopefully after this I will move on to bigger, better things. During this last

stretch of high school, I have gotten lazy. Most days I even refuse to even go to school. I

honestly don’t see the point of doing so anymore. I feel like the grades that I have gotten

the previous quarters should be enough to make me pass with decent enough grades. I

have adopted really bad habits. Lately I sleep during class, forget to do my work and

socialize more than necessary, I have really gone downhill. I want to do better. For this

last stretch instead behaving like I have lately I want to stay focus. Actually, I want to do

better than I did previously. I want my last quarter to be the one I excel in. The one

I put the most effort in, so that I can look back and be proud. Just like a runner, I want to

sprint to the finish line and do the best that I possibly can. I plan to make this quarter my

best quarter.