Catherine the Great

Mary Nicoli

Family and personal information

  • Born May 2nd 1729
  • Died November 17th 1796
  • Date of Reign 1762-1796
  • country- Russia
  • Father was Prince Christian August
  • Married to Peter yet it was a emotional disaster
  • Two kids Paul and Anna
  • Peter may not be thew father


state education

Catherine noticed the unfairness of educational laws. She knew it was right to have proper education for children. She was able to establish a state education for boys and girls in Russia.

warm water front

Before Catherine was at the throne, her father Prince Christan wanted to gain the warm water coast located in the black sea. He needed this so the ocean would not freez for easier trade. However he was not succesful in gaining this. Cathirien was able to save the family reputation and gained the coast within that centry of her reign.

fair punishment

Catherine has always wanted to considered as the "enlightend one". She believed in education, fair punishment and Religius tollerence. She had established Religious tolerence through her lands.

Overall Approach

Catherines main politcal conribution was to epand the Russian empire. Even though she did not find her husbands persnality atractive, she knew he importance of working tgeather to add lands to the baltik. Also it was important to embrase European culural and political life.


Inorder to achieve her reign goals she needed o make serent approuches. Inorder to keep religious peace she divided up Poland by taking the eastern land. Inorder to show herself as th "enlightend one" she needed to show her people what she wanted. She decided to focus on the aspect of liberty and equallity.