Movie Review: Frozen

Madeline Schmidt

My Thoughts

Yes, this is a kid's movie.... But its a great one!

One reason I enjoyed this movie because it had some AMAZING singing. Let it Go was my favorite song, because Idina Menzel, who plays Elsa, can reach really high notes, and there is a scene in the song (No spoilers!) that I personally think is mind-blowing.

I also enjoyed all of the humor throughout the movie as well. I'd have to say Olaf was the most humorous; only a couple of times was he serious. Sven the Reindeer was also funny too, even though he didn't speak at all.

Finally, I think my favorite character is Elsa. She has to be so strong and brave, and isn't afraid to 'Let it go'. It inspires me to be the same, and take a stand for what I believe in.

Disney's Frozen Official Trailer