Going, Going, Gone

April 11th - 15th

Leaving on a Jet Plane

As I type this section the only words that come to mind are the lyrics to "Leaving on a Jet Plane." This is highly inaccurate since I do know when I will be back again. HA! I am leaving the room in the capable hands of Heather Davidson. She was able to take every day of the sub job which is great for the class....and selfishly me. Everything is planned out and organized. I will return Tuesday, April 19th.

If you should need anything while I am away you can call the office, 331-8600 and they will get messages to Heather. You can try the room phone, 331-8630, but do not leave a message as she doesn't know how to check the messages. I do not think I will have access to email while I am away...and I am even leaving my computer in the room so students have access to the SmartBoard for Wonders and Everyday Math lessons. This is a new one for me. See you in a week and a day!


Last week's assessment data is in and for the Friday assessment the class average was 92% I still am reading some of the written summaries but the students did such a great job reading and writing summaries of chapters during the week I am confident in their skills!

This week we begin Asking and Answering Questions and Author's Point of View with our non-fiction text. Students will be taught and practice turning headings into questions to help them read for understanding. They will also look for clues that the author gives in the text to tell the reader how they feel about the topic.


The post-test for unit 8 was FANTASTIC!! The class average was 98% We had four 100% but 11 test where students missed just one or two! Just great work from all the students. I think this is proof positive that our enrichment (leveled) groups are having a positive impact in our daily learning!

We started Unit 9 last week having lessons on:

  • Playing Product Pile-Up *New Game!!*
  • Multiplying and Dividing with Multiples of 10

This week we will have the Civic Center trip AND Meals for the Heartland Pay it Forward Event during our math block. The lessons that will be covered this week are:

  • Timed Test and Game Day Monday
  • Using Mental Math to Multiply
  • Explorations: Elapsed Time, Squares, and Bridges
  • Multi-digit Multiplication (11/18)

Science Fun!


Students are still at work learning about nutrition, health, and safety. Student pairs are working to read and take notes and complete checks for understanding throughout their learning. Many students are working on projects or have started completing projects!

There are two large research and writing projects for this unit. For the nutrition sections students will research a restaurant where they will plan a meal and evaluate it's nutritional information with that they know about the recommended daily calorie and fat content of a kid their age. They will then reflect on what they learned and make changes, if necessary, in their meal choice. We already have students with meals from Jimmy Johns and Panera!

The other research report comes on the health and safety side of our unit. Students will choose a disease from a list to research. They are to find 2 sources, which they will site in a bibliography, and take notes. In their report, students will explain what that disease is, what causes it, symptoms, whether it is fatal, curable, or manageable, and if it is communicable or non-communicable. There are many many diseased on the list I have but it is not all encompassing. I do ask that each student in the room picks a different disease. We have reports started on osteoporosis, hand, foot, and mouth, glaucoma, pneumonia, and lyme disease.

Social Studies

We started Jr. Achievement last week led by our very own Jodi Pick! The students are very excited for the remaining 4 lessons and ending out the year by turning our classroom in to its very own town to put into practice the things about communities and maps they have learned this year.

Important Events this Week

4/14: Civic Center *Permission Slip Required- Still missing a few!
4/15: Meals for the Heartland *Permission Slip Required- Have them all!
Late Start April 13