The Land Between Two Rivers

A newspaper written by Hunter Davis

Inventions and Rivers

My name is Hunter I live outside of Babylon and I have a new way of getting water to my crops that you might be interested in. Be careful around here there are lots of wars going on and people are dying but my new way of directing water to my crops is incredible. Basically I have been digging ditches and connecting it to the Euphrates river and water has been flowing to a small pond I dug out and I’m using the water to grow my wheat and barley. When the pond is full I go over to the Euphrates river and close up the front ditch I made to stop the water flow. My crops are the things that are keeping me alive. (besides swords)

When I have enough crops I go in and sell some wheat and barley at Babylon to get some coins and I buy tools to help me farm. I recently bought a war chariot and instead of war I’ve been using it as a farming tool, I binded an iron pitchfork to the back and I had my cattle drag the chariot (with the pitchfork) on my crops to till them. While the crops are being tilled I throw seeds on the ground. (I’m on the war chariot) When I’m done with that I water the seeds and feed my cattle.
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Learning about Dave Allen a man from Mesopotamia

This is your daily news reporter Hunter Davis and here I am with Dave Allen, a man from Babylon Mesopotamia. We will be interviewing him today and learning a bit about his life. (Hunter says) So Dave do you have a family? (Dave says) I have one daughter, two sons, and a wife also I am twenty three.

(Hunter says) That's nice. What do you do for work, and do you have any special skills that can help you with your job? (Dave says) I work as a merchant and I sell tools, I can count coined money in my head. (Hunter says) Dave what do you like to do on your free time? (Dave says)I like to go hunting and play with my kids. (Hunter says) It sounds like you have a very good life and you are nice man. (Dave says) Thank you I am very happy how my life is going. (Hunter says) This has been going very well all the viewers out there, I hope you are enjoying it.

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Channel 2 News

Hello I am your news reporter Hunter Davis, and today I will be updating you on all the sudden events happening here in Mesopotamia. Today we have breaking news a sudden war between Ur and Haran has broken out. Ur seems to be winning the war. Other news a man by the name of John Conner has invented a new type of war chariot featuring spears that stick out the front of the chariot. Another story we have today, Babylon, building their city walls higher and taking more safety precautions. They are doing this because there have been some break ins to the city during night and people’s belongings have been stolen. The people whose belongings have been stolen have been interviewed and they said they were asleep when it happened and guards will be on high alert tonight. Other interesting news Hans Gruber has robbed a farm and stolen all their money and other valuable belongings. He shall be killed for his crimes. Well folks that's all for today and I will see you back here tomorrow.

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