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Most Asked Questions About Menengitis

What is meningitis?

-Meningitis is a disease that starts with an inflammation of the tissue surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

Who does meningitis affect?

-Meningitis is the type of disease that targets children,teens, and young adults. It also can affect elderly adults with chronic health issues.

How can meningitis effect the body?

-There are two main types of meningitis, one which is known as viral meningitis is the most common form and it does not cause serious illness. On the other hand, bacterial meningitis is not as common but is very serious, if it isn't treated quickly it can cause brain damage and even fatality.

How does meningitis occur?

-Meningitis is contagious which means germs can be passed through coughing,sneezing,or coming in contact with someone who already has the symptoms of meningitis. Some cases of meningitis can form from viruses or bacteria, but it's important to talk to a doctor so that you can be sure of your type of meningitis before acting.