News At The Creek

September 4



Although, as a whole, we have had an extremely smooth start to the school year, we have had several students and staff go through some very difficult times. Thank you for the amazing job you do supporting each other. We are STRONGER TOGETHER!

Gentle Reminder

Please be on time to work. If you are going to be late, you are required to call the front office to notify them. When you arrive, please sign in at Belinda's desk.

Cultural Arts Events 15-16

Each grade level will have $500 from PTA to spend on Cultural Arts events for their students. When booking an event, please complete the Special Events Request form. Submit a copy of the contract or invoice to Aimee Phillips. These may be put in the PTA mailbox. Funds must be used for Cultural Arts events only. All events must be booked by the October 9th deadline.

Field Trip Reminder

Each grade level may hold one out-of-school field trip and one in-school field trip. These field trips need to be submitted and approved by the October 9th deadline. Thank you to those of you who have already planned ahead for this year.

Night Under the Stars

Our annual Night Under the Stars will take place on Thursday, September 10th from 6:00 - 8:00. Staff will need to be here from 5:30-8:30. All certified staff are expected to attend.

Homeroom teachers will be located at their class tent. Support staff are assigned duty locations.

NUTS will be located in front of the school building this year. Parents will need to park in the car rider lot (designated spaces only) and on the field.

All staff should park on the side and back of the school building and on the black top. Please have your cars moved out of the front lot and car rider lot by 4:00.

Enrollment Update

After our fourth student count day, we are four students over enrollment in general education and slightly under enrollment in self contained special education. Our overall student count was 1125 students. We are projected for 1129 students. Thank you for your help in maintaining accurate student counts and attendance. Please take your attendance everyday by 9:15.

Laptop Lab

This door is to be locked at all times and remain locked since the laptops are not locked to the tables.

Please make sure you take your classroom key-- Please do not go to the teachers in the area and ask for their key.

NATC Treats 15-16

Trivia Time: The first ten people to answer this week's trivia question will get a treat in their mailboxes. Email Carrie with your answer.

What is the smallest ocean?

A. Indian

B. Atlantic

C. Pacific

D. Arctic

E. Southern


From: Patti


Lots going on right now with testing!

SPG make ups will continue on new students. If you have a student who was with you for a test but they don't have a score for an SPG, chances are they didn't submit the score or didn't log out of the assessment page. It's a quick fix, have them log in, get them into the test, they can look at test summary and then submit the test again, MAKE SURE they sign out of SchoolNet AND eClass and the test should go right through.

CogATs for 1,2 and 5 are right around the corner (9/16). Please remember there will be a testing meeting during planning on Tuesday in grade chairs' classrooms (grades 1,2 and 5). There will be an additional session after school in the staff development room. There will be a CogAT letter in your mailboxes next week, these should go in Friday folders on the 11th. Special Ed, look for the accommodations check offs and small group drafts right when we return from the weekend.

The district has added an extended response portion to the district assessments for ELA and MA. I have limited information at this point but what I can share is there will be a section A (selected response) and B(extended) which will have separate scores. Part B will be scored using a rubric that will be available to teachers in the SchoolNet Instructional Resources Section. This year is a pilot/field test year for the extended portion so those scores will not be part of the students' scores that go towards the 1%. As I get more training/information I will give you updates.

Paula attended a SchoolNet training on Thursday and going to be bringing to us lots of exciting updates about the features now available in SchoolNet. I think you will be really happy to have access to the GradeCam feature as well as adding common assessments to SchoolNet.

I encourage you to be checking into SchoolNet, especially the instructional resources section. Remember, this is where the county will load blue prints and other relevant test information for each district assessment.


Carrie, Carla, Jennifer, Debra, and Jenna have been working like crazy mapping out our EIP support this year, along with our RTI support. It's not easy in a school this size to put this puzzle together. Please remember that EIP come in various forms, there are times when students are pulled for small group, receive their support through reduced class size, or when an additional staff member pushes in. As we get scheduled finalized we will be in touch with individual teachers to give updates on method of service and letters will be sent home to notify parents of this service.

From: Erline


Kudos to the third and fourth grade for a having 100% of their baseline data submitted for students in RTI tiers 2 and 3 prior to Aug. 28!!

Remember to complete SST Referral forms in advance of the SST meeting. This helps tremendously in preparation for the meetings and we are running full blast in that department now having had 19 meetings to date!


I am working on those interpreter conferences. Can you believe we have over 30 kids that need an interpreter this year? 26 Spanish, 3 Russian, 2 Romanian, 2 Korean and 1 Vietnamese! We are growing!

As we prepare for Early Release, please let Patty or me know if you would like to have us attend any of your meetings as soon as possible.

504 NEWS

This is an area that has been steadily growing each year. To date we have 16 students with 504 Plans in our building for a variety of diagnoses and concerns. If a parent mentions a medical condition to you and requests a meeting, let me know right away.

Bus Evacuation Drill

Sept 28, 2015

9:30 am K and Second

9:45 am Fourth and Fifth

10:00 am First and Third

The drill will take about 10-15 minutes


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Want to spread some SUNSHINE? With your Sunshine dues ($30 for certified staff, $15 for non-certified/ part-time), you will receive:

  • a jeans pass to be worn on OCTOBER 1st
  • three come-in-late passes
  • a members-only Chick-fil-A biscuit one special morning during the school year
There is an envelope in Jennifer Little's box for your cash or check written to DCES SUNSHINE. Please highlight your name on the front of the envelope to get credit. Contributions must be made no later than Friday, September 25.


Marie Beaubrun - 9/8

Alice Watson - 9/10

Krissie Robinson - 9/10

Jackie Ellett - 9/11

Angela Howard - 9/11

Tracy Garner - 9/12