RISD Elementary Parent Newsletter

Week of 1/2/19

Message from Julie

Dear RISD Elementary Parents,

I hope you had a WONDERFUL break and holiday season with your families! It is hard to believe it is 2019. Isaak, my oldest stepson, asked me this weekend if I felt old because it is 2019. He is now for sale on Ebay. (haha!!)

It has been a super busy start to the year and we are very proud of the events that we have had so far this year. I am so appreciative to Mrs. Duval, our amazing new music teacher, for putting together such an amazing holiday concert. We have some logistics to work out for next time (parking, dismissal to name a couple), but I hope you can agree that overall it was a magical event! Thanks to everyone who made it so successful - I really appreciate it!

January brings some testing to our students. We will begin our next round of POA, PNOA, and Computational Fluency testing on 1/9 and then be able to report the results back to you!

We still have a lot of students who haven't signed up for Winter Programming! Please check your students' backpacks and help us get kids signed up! If you are not sending your students on those 6 Thursdays, please just let us know!

We will be sending home one more round of permission slips out on Wednesday. If your student is not signed up, they will be assigned to a spot at SME.

If you haven't registered your child, please do so! Payment is also due for skiing, which you can do here:


1/10 - Winter Programming Begins:

A note for skiers:


  • YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT. Rentals MUST be arranged prior to the first day of the program. Rentals are available from various locations in the upper valley, including the Dartmouth Skiway.

  • HELMETS ARE REQUIRED and can be rented.

  • SNOW PANTS AND JACKETS ARE REQUIRED. Please dress your child in layers and send extra clothing - MITTENS, socks, etc. so your child stays warm. If you child is not dressed properly, they will not be able to attend.

  • Please label all equipment with NAME and SCHOOL. If equipment is lost we can identify it and easily return it to the appropriate location at the end of the day.

  • Skis/Poles/Snowboards must be left at the main entrance of your school on Thursday mornings by 8 am.

  • A designated equipment transporter will deliver the equipment to the Skiway as well as return it to SME at the end of the day.


  • WES Pick-Up: Bus departs WES approximately 8:30, transports to SME.

  • Departure: Bus leaves SME approximately 9 am, then heads directly to Dartmouth Skiway.

  • Return to SME: Bus departs Dartmouth Skiway at 12:15 pm drops off at SME at 1 and continues to WES for 1:30 arrival. There will be regular dismissal and buses at 1:45

  • If you choose to pick your child up at the Skiway, you should arrive by 12 pm.

  • If your child intends to stay at the Skiway with another parents or volunteer, he/she will need a signed note.

Have a great week!


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A great holiday concert!

Have you asked your SME student about what it means to get ROCKS? WES has been doing this great positive behavior intervention for years, and SME is lucky to get "in" on the action!


Outstanding Scholar




Each time a student or class demonstrates one of these characteristics, they receive a rock. 5th graders at SME just filled their ROCKS jar and came to the office to celebrate! We are PROUD!

A reflective NYE activity!

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What's New for the 2018-2019 School Year

Updated handbook!

We will be focusing on consistency between the two schools. A copy of the handbook will be sent home, but you can also access it online.


Upcoming Events