Viewing Viola


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Viola's Identity

Viola is a nice and polite person. She isn't the type to be a smart mouth or mean to anyone for no reason. When people usually talk to the fool people are rude to him or tend to start arguments. But Olivia approaches him very nicely. "Save thee, and thy music. Dost thou live by thy tabour?". (III.i.1-2). Viola is also a very strong woman who get caught up in a lot of things but she always gets through her problems. She also doesn't want to hurt anyone because she knows she cant handle both genders at once.

Violas gender

Viols is a girl in the play that pretends to be a boy. She does this to get Orsiono to like her. She wont tell Orsiono the secret yet because she doesn't want him to know. She really just dressed up as her brother to see what Orsino was like. So she was also Orsino's servant. "I prithee-and ill pay thee bounteously-conceal me what i am, and he my aid for such disguise as haply shall become the form of my intent. Ill serve this duke. Thou shall present me as a n eunuch to him" (i.ii.48-52). Viola also runs into a problem with another girl Olivia who falls in love with Viola but only because she thinks shes her brother.

Peoples perception of Viola

People see viola as a loving and trustworthy person. For example Olivia sees her as someone she can be in love with because of the person she is. But Olivia doesn't know Viola is really a girl of course. Olivia said, "Yet come again, for thou perhaps mayst move. That heart, which now abhors, to like his love". (iii. i.151-152).

Similarities and differences shared with Viola

Me and Viola are very different because Viola is a very cocky person I believe and shes also a little too polite sometimes. And that's not me at all, I'm nice but I'm not as polite as her and I'm also not a cocky person. I'm also not the type of person to do so much just to win over a mans heart or i wouldn't allow myself to get so deep into a sticky situation.