meat buisness

he will start an food buisness and hunt

my meat buisness

At my meat buisness I will kill and harvest meat and I will also skin leather too and some times if I find road kill I will take it in and clean it or I will just use it for later

Meat buisness

Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 9pm

Louisiana, MO, United States

Louisiana, MO

hello we sell the worlds best cow,pig,donkey,or horse meat or any meat you want we also sell leather and chicken and some thimes we will give you feathers for free. All the money I make will go to revolutionary war I samuel will help get my parents back!

We also save animals

Some baby animals get lost from their homes so we take them in and save animals if they arnt old enough to be without there parents then we bottle feed them from the same milk after there older we relies them in the wild.