Early Technology

History of Technology in the United States


Many inventors in America have created many important inventions that have had a huge impact on how people live today. Some of those inventors who created important inventions are Nikola Tesla who invented the electric motor, Thomas Edison who invented the first light bulb, and Ben Franklin who experimented with lightning and invented the lightning rod.

Nikola Tesla

Tesla had created many inventions in his life time, but the ones that had the biggest impact on society were the electric motor and his system of AC (alternating current) which we still use today.

Thomas Edison

Many people already know what Edison's most famous invention was and that is the light bulb. In his life time he had also came up with other inventions like the phonograph and the motion picture camera, but he had many failed attempts like the electric pen and his concrete company he ran.
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Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin is an inventor best known for his experiments with electricity his invention of the lightning rod. Franklin was always fascinated with lightning and he made a theory that lightning and electricity were the same. He conducted an experiment with a kite and a key. It was struck by lighting which gave him an idea which soon became known as the lighting rod.
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