By: Shruti Nemala P6 Richardson

College is one of those things that most people consider "optional" and not needed to help you succeed, but if you go to college and get a degree your life will become better. You will become be more likely to get a good job and more respect in whatever you choose to do in life. Many teenagers in Atlanta, GA don't go to college. They just complete high school and cut off their education. If you don't want to go to an interactive college there are many options like online ones and classes that teach you what you learned in college. There are many reasons to go to college.

Imagine you are a kid who nobody likes and you try to fit their idea of who should be. While trying to please them you loose sight of who you really are. College lets you start over or reinvent yourself. You can be the person you want to be or who you really are. You can meet new friends and people.

Studies shows that 5.6% more people get higher paying jobs if they go to college than people that do not. They also show that 64.7% of the population that goes to college lives longer. When you go to college you open up a lot of doors for yourself. It helps you explore, most people say that college is one of the best things that happened to them.

Many famous people you know or can think of probably went to college. Some people like Steve Jobs did not go to college but still became successful. It is because they had a vision for themselves. College can help you create that vision. There are very helpful teachers in college that only want your success.
College is a once in a life time opportunity. All colleges have a certain amount of people that they can give seats to. Even community colleges, sometimes you can get a better chance of being picked if you have scholorships. The only downside is seats get filled really quickly ,so you should apply as soon as you can [early admission].