Rittenhouse Square Weight Loss

What do you have to lose?

Center City Weight Loss Challenge

Rittenhouse Square Weight Loss Challenge Starting Very Soon Philadelphia!

What Do You Have to Lose?
Join a fun weight loss challenge
to help you reach your weight-loss goals!

In a 6 week course you will get:

* -Helpful tips and information on good nutrition and long term health
* -Your own personal wellness coach
* -Group support cheering you on
* -The chance to WIN CASH prizes for the top three Biggest Losers!

All ages, all sizes, all health concerns
welcome to learn about weight loss with
long term nutrition
in a fun, relaxed, supportive atmosphere.

We are meeting in a private rehearsal room at the
Adrienne Theatre near Rittenhouse Square Center City

Philadelphia. There is an elevator and it is handicapped accessible

although not wheelchair accessible.

Join the challenge for only $39!

Weekly nutrition class topics:
1 – Protein,Meal plans, Snacking, Water
2 – Metabolism,Carbs, Shopping and Cooking, Cellular Nutrition
3 – Nutrition Labels, Fats, Portion Control,Digestive Health
4 – Dining Out,Fiber
5 – Sugar,Exercise,Heart Health
6 – Maintenance; Long Term Wellness
And Final Weigh-ins and Measurements and PRIZES

Class size is limited so reserve your spot!
Call 267-294-8206 or click above to register!

Center City Weight Loss Challenge

Register Now

Weight Loss Challenge Center City Philadelphia

Monday, Jan. 28th 2013 at 6-8pm

2030 Sansom St


For more information on the Center City Weight Loss Challenge, visit the event page on Eventbrite.