Tech Tidbits with Traci

September 22, 2014

Technology Tuesdays with Traci

Don't forget we will be having our 1st Tech Tuesday on September 23,2014. We will meet the last 30 minutes of each conference period. Meetings will be held in team leader rooms. Please bring your laptop and one of your tablets to the meeting if you have one.

Locking the Chromebook Screen

Safety Precaution for Your Students' Chromebooks

When stepping away from their Chromebooks, make sure your students lock their screens so no one can mess with their account. They may either click the lock icon in the status area or briefly press the power button (for 400 milliseconds, to be exact!) until they see the sign-in box with their icon appear. For added security, they can also set their Chromebook to require a password for their account when waking up from sleep.

  • If they haven't already, they should sign in to their Chromebook.
  • Click the status area in the lower-right corner, where their account picture appears.
  • Select Settings and find the "Users" section.
  • Use the "Require password to wake from sleep" checkbox to adjust this setting.

They can also put their Chromebook to sleep by closing the lid. If they're not signed in, the Chromebook turns off. The screen also automatically turns off when it's been inactive for a period of time (8 minutes if the Chromebook is connected to a power source, 6 minutes if it's not). Just press any key to wake it up.

CHROME APP or EXTENSION...I can't keep them straight!

Apps - They are just how they sound: applications you can run inside your Google Chrome browser. They are typically more rich and interactive than a website.

Extensions - Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. For example, there is an extension that gives you a map or directions to any address you highlight.

Visit the Chrome Webstore today to discover great apps, extensions, games and themes for Google Chrome!

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Tablet Storage Idea

Nexus 7 Tablets can be stored in creative ways. Pictured above is a dish drainer with the tablets placed in each slot and the cords are woven through the glass holder prongs. So the next time you are at the dollar store pick one up and start organizing.
  • Please make sure you turn your projector off when you are not using it to save the life of the bulb. I have seen many rooms with no one in them and the projector and document camera are on. The bulbs are very expensive and we need to conserve our resources
  • Don't forget to add new students to the Password Document that I shared with you in DRIVE and reset their password in Password Reset. It can be found on the staff page of the website
  • Please make sure you are not putting copyrighted information on the website. An example would be having a worksheet for Pearson on your website. In addition, you can not put the passwords to databases and Brainpop on the website either.
  • Elementary students can not take their Chromebooks home.