Fable Project

Laurel Conner

The Cookie and the Ice Cream Cone

There once was a cookie and an ice cream cone. The cookie's name was Pete, and the ice cream's cone name was Carl. Carl (the ice cream cone) was very popular in dessert land because of his frozen, creamy body, while Pete (the cookie) was just average. Unlike Pete, Carl was very full of himself, and thought that he had no flaws and was perfect. Poor Pete was very insecure, and thought that no one liked him.

One hot summer day Carl and Pete's delicious class went on an outdoor field trip to the zoo. Carl, not thinking about his frozen body, gladly went along. While out in the hot sun, Carl's body slowly started to melt, without him or anyone else noticing. It was almost too late, when Pete noticed the deadly condition, and hurried to the rescue.

"Stop!" yelled Pete.

"What's wrong?" asked Carl.

"Your body, it's melting!" replied Pete with worry in his voice.

"Oh no! What do I do!?!" exclaimed Carl.

"Um, hurry! Into the Peep Penguin Palace! It's cold in there!" said Pete.

Pete quickly helped Carl into the frozen paradise where he soon felt as good as new, after his body refroze again.

"Thank you Pete, without your quick and heroic thinking, I never would have survived this disaster." gratefully said Carl.

After Pete's heroic act, he became more popular and made new great friends, but most importantly, Pete and Carl learned that no one is perfect, and that there is a hero inside every one of us.


- No one is perfect.

- There is a hero inside every one of us.