Fund the Red Pyramid!

by: Reymon, Daniel, & Kate

Why should you fund the Red Pyramid?

Of the twelve monuments, it would be the wisest to invest the grant money in the Red Pyramid. The Red Pyramid promises minimal flaws and will preclude further mistakes in pyramid building.

Think about it, the Bent Pyramid was absolutely unsuccessful-- just look at its name the "Bent" Pyramid! Too many flaws led to an unstable base and eventually led to failure. The Red Pyramid following it, although it had a couple of flaws, was ultimately successful, and without the Red Pyramid, the Great Pyramid at Giza wouldn't be far near as successful as it turned out to be due to the fact that the Red Pyramid was the turning point in architecture and construction-- the experience from building and designing the Red Pyramid majorly helped the pyramids to follow.

Of course other monuments seem like a very valid choice, but first you should take a look at the variables and outcomes of investing in that monument.

Take a look at the Library at Alexandria, which held tons of valuable knowledge that was treasured for years, but was the cause of many great losses due to fires and attacks later on. Or Abu Simbel, which despite its high extravagance, was eventually fallen into disuse and forgotten for years and years.

Red Pyramid for the Grant!!

Invest the grant money in the Red Pyramid, for an opportunity to attain valuable knowledge gained by the building and architectural experience, as well as what it holds, and prevent further mistakes in future pyramids.

Or donate a couple of dollars in support, and receive a Red Pyramid shaped plate of homemade brownies!

We appreciate any support :D

Enjoy the presentation!

Sit tight while we explain the benefits from the Red Pyramid receiving the grant, and the potential losses by investing in another monument. During this proposal, we will present an infographic, a Prezi explaining the overall gains and losses, a model of the pyramid, a Powtoon showing the positive traits of the Red Pyramid, a simple trailer, and an Animaker commercial.