Elizabeth Quay

BY Ellie Warren Sanusi


When Perth settled on the banks of Swan River in 1829, water transport was the colony’s main travel method witch stayed that way for most of the century.

With poor roads and limited railways, people usually travelled by boat. Barrack Street Jetty was one of Perth’s busiest jetties.

Former Name

The former name of Elizabeth quay (Barrack Street Jetty) was called The Perth Waterfront

European Influence

Named in honer of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, Moreton Bay fig trees will be removed and replaced with London plane trees.

Aboriginal Ties

Aboriginal history into the design of the public domain and private development sites at Elizabeth Quay. Development of this Strategy was supported by a number of management plans, heritage impact statements and archival records.

Sustainability Consideration

The Elizabeth Quay Masterplan extends to the existing grid of the city towards the river, while at the same time bringing the water to the edge of the city.They will be carefully digging out bits of grass so they don't hit the pipes hidden in the grass.