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Monday, September 21st, 2020 - Friday, October 2nd, 2020

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Students in Ms. Lewellen's Science class enjoyed comparing permeabilities by creating their own experiements with different soil porosities, adding wells, making it rain, and graphing water levels.

Ground porosity & comparing permeabilities simulator

Students in Ms. Lewellen's Science class enjoyed comparing permeabilities by creating their own experiments with different soil porosity, adding wells, making it rain, and graphing water levels.


5th Grade Math

Math: Unit 2 Division

In Summit Math 5 Unit 2. 9 – 2.13 is long division. Knowing their multiplication is a must for this lesson. Make sure they are practicing them daily.

Math: Unit 3 Fractions

This unit is fractions, we will begin by adding and subtracting like denominators. Then move into adding and subtraction fractions with unlike denominators.

Links to Video Lessons

Intro to Division in 4th grade, Khan Academy


Intro to Division in 5th grade, Khan Academy


Division with remainders 5th grade, Khan Academy


Addition with Fractions with like denominators, Khan Academy


Addition with Fractions with unlike denominators, Khan Academy


Subtracting Fractions with like denominators, Khan Academy


Subtracting Fractions with like denominators, Khan Academy


Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Math Antics

If your student struggle with 5th Grade Math, one reason can be that they are struggling with their math facts. Encourage daily practice of Math facts to produce fluency using flash cards or interactive Math games and apps. Below are a few helpful resources:




Reading / ELA

Unit 3: A Wonder of the World

In Unit 2, Lesson 6 you began your prewriting for TGA #1 (Narrative). Unit 3, Lessons 1-3 will walk you through revising, proofreading and publishing your first Teacher Graded Writing Assignment. If you need guidance from your Learning Coach, they may guide you, but we do not expect a perfect Narrative. It is better that you complete this on your own (if you are able) so that your homeroom teacher can provide you with valuable feedback to help shape your writing this year.

TGA #1 is due to your homeroom teacher by 5:00 PM on Tuesday, September 29th. Our hope is that Seesaw is up by then and you will turn it in via Seesaw. If it is not, please file share or email your TGA to your homeroom teacher.

Please see below for the rubric (Grade 5 Writing Rubric) that will be used in grading your Teacher Graded Assignments (TGAs) this year and let that be your checklist before turning in your final draft in Unit 3, Lesson 3. If you have a printer, I recommend you print the rubric and keep it handy as you are working on your essay. This is the same rubric the State Department of Education will use to score your essay in April.

Queen of the Falls (Lessons 4 & 5) is a hardback that was sent with your K12 curriculum.


In Science Unit 2, we will continue exploring how the Earth's spheres interact with each other. We will also scuba through the enchanting ocean waters.

9/22/2020 - U2, L6 Ocean Floor

9/24/2020 - U2, L7 Life zones of the ocean

9/29/2020 - U2, L8 Ocean Resources

10/1/2020 - U2, L9 Unit 2 Review and Assessment

*Students have 2 weeks to complete USA Test Prep Assignments.

Some Extra Fun: Create a place to collect art items and recyclables you may want to use for creating things in Science.

Check out the ground porosity & comparing permeabilities simulator below.

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Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Year

  • Attendance is extremely important for all class connects. Even though Science is considered “optional” it is still highly encouraged.
  • Create a family schedule so everybody knows when students are in class connects
  • Come prepared! Cook, eat, use the restroom, feed animals, do chores, run errands before/after class connects.
  • Stay on track every day with the On-Track Calendar.
  • Check USA Test Prep regularly for assignments, quizzes, and “Tickets Out the Door.”
  • Email all teachers (Homeroom, Interventionist, SpEd) when the student will be absent.
  • Clean out cache and cookies regularly to help with computer speed and memory.



  • Watch recordings of class connects missed. Here is a helpful video to demonstrate how to access recordings through the OLS.


  • All OLS (Online School) lessons require 80% Mastery for completion. The video below demonstrates a lesson that has not been marked complete because it was not mastered by the student.


  • It is highly encouraged students have 3 notebooks (simple one subject notebooks are perfect) so that they may take notes in Math, Reading and Science classes.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • October 9th: 1st Quarter Grades due in Gradebook
  • October 14th: Last Day of 1st Quarter; All Work Completed by 5:00 pm
  • October 15th & 16th: No School - Fall Break

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