By: Mike Lupica

Will Zach survive these attacks? Will Zach find out how his dad really died? You will have to read to find it out for yourself.


Zach's life right now has just hit a big bump. His dad died in a plane crash while coming back home from a business trip. The news says that the engine in the plane failed, but is that really what happened? Zach doesn't believe this, his dad was a hero to everyone and always found a way out of problems. So what does Zach do about this? He searches the internet and tries to find out how it really happened. He also found out he has the fighting skills exactly like his dad. So the people his dad got locked up in jail are after him.


Main Characters


The setting was mainly in Central Park where Zach and Kate would always go to after they were done with school. They would walk through there everyday to go home and sometimes they would meet people who didn't like them so much. How might they have gotten out of these sticky situations?



1. What was your favorite part of the Novel?

The best part of the novel is when Zach sneaks away to go to the crash site of his dad's plane. When he got there a man was sitting there saying that he expected him to be coming which was really odd. The man said how he knew everything about him and his dad and Zach was scared the man might do something.

2. If you could trade places with a character who would it be?

I would trade with Spence because he is the best at everything he does. Also he is a person that everyone looks up to when it comes down to toughness and athletic abilities.

About The Author

Mr. Lupica loves to get himself involved in his stories. He has loved to write ever since he was a kid. He also is involved in some ESPN shows over his years, and tells people the experiences he has as being a sports writer. Right now he lives in Connecticut with two kids, and a wife that he loves to be around all the time. Even though he has a family he still finds a lot of time for his writing.

About The Writer

Logan G. loves to play sports any time he possibly can. He has a family that lives in Mukwonago, WI. Right now he is in the eighth grade on his way to high school. He also has a sister named Taylor who is in College right now.