Ancient Korea

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Korea is nearly 70% mountain. It is located in between China and Japan. The summers can be warm and humid. In the winters it can get very cold in some places(not very fun). Sometimes they have typhoons which can get pretty nasty.


Ancient Korean Society

Ancient Korea was ruled by dynasties. Naturally, this means that Korea followed the Dynastic Cycle of dynasties rising and falling from prosperity. Korea's longest lasting dynasty, the Choson (Joseon) Dynasty lasted for over 500 years!

Choson (Joseon) Dynasty

The Choson Dynasty lasted from 1392 to 1897, and marked a transition from Buddhism to a more Confucist society. Some notable achievements of the Choson Dynasty were becoming allies with the typically very hostile Mongols. Another achievement that still affects people today is the creation of Hangul, the Korean alphabet. This alphabet was much less complex than the Chinese alphabet and helped to create one of the highest literacy rates of any ancient society.
Korean History 8/8 Joseon Dynasty 1392~1910 (조선 왕조 1392-1910)

Unique and Interesting Facts of Korea

Wondering how the people of Korea got there? Well, they got there because they migrated southeastward from Siberia, and northern Manchuria during the Stone Age. Since Korea's only bordering country is China, that is where they got many of their beliefs and traditions, some that still last today even. They passed these wonderful beliefs and traditions on to Japan. Who later on invaded Korea and took control up to 1945.

Also, some neat things to know about the one and only Korea is that they eat seaweed on their birthdays, and also is 70% mountains.


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