Post Unit Reflection

Identity and Relationships

By Kate Lenssen

Having a informed conscience, knowledge on contraceptives and sexual intimacy is all important to have, if you want a healthy relationship.

Informed conscience

Something within me telling me whats right from wrong. Is the inner feelings of what is right and what is wrong which motivates a persons choice of actions. It's like when you have a hard decision to make, it's that little voice in your head telling you what the right thing to do would be, even though you may want to do something different, the little voice will tell you what you think is morally right. But you can have an informed conscience or a not informed conscience, this is whether you consider all the possible consequences as well as the possible gains. So if you don't really know what is going on you can't really make a good conscience decision, so that is why when making a big decision you should always try and get as much information about the subject as possible, so you can make a well informed conscience decision.

Catholic church teachings on contraceptives

Although the catholic church teaches that sexual intercourse is only for married coupes, there are two functions unitive and procreative. Procreative is if you are wanting new life from it. But unitive is when couples come together in a special way through sexual intercourse, this may mean that you do not want a baby and for that there are many contraceptives that can be used. They include, condoms, spermicide, depo provera, the morning after pill, diaphragm, along with more permeant things like vasectomy and tubal ligation. These all can work but the most efective is abstinence which will also protect you from any sexually transmitted infections, it is the only one that is 100% effective. Although abstinence can be difficult emotionally and physically the advantages of waiting till it is truly the right time are huge, also making the experience worth you wait. So even though there are many ways that you can protect yourself from having a baby when not planed the Catholic church teachings on contraceptives say that abstinence is the one and only true way.

Catholic church teachings on sexual intimacy

The Catholic church teaches that sexuality is a great gift, but it you will find it in its fullness when you are in a committed marriage. Sexual intimacy isn't just the physical part but the emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual parts of the human person. The Catholic church also teaches that sexual acts have two functions, unitive and procreative, its either for bring a couple together in a special way or to produce a baby.

The Catholic church teaches these things because they believe that each and everyone one of us are special and unique and so we deserve to be treated with dignity . This means that we each have rights and responsibility for our selfs and each other. If this happens then the hole experience will be enhanced. The Catholic church teaches us that abstinence till you are in a committed and loving marriage is the right thing to do, in keeping the values of the church.

What is important in a healthy relationship?

There are many important parts to a healthy relationship. There are also many rights and responsibilities in a healthy relationship. Being committed is a responsibility, it wont work if the two people in the relationship are not equally committed, knowing at what stage each other are at and respecting that. Respect of each other is also something makes a relationship healthy and strong. Love of each other, depending on the type of relationship is how you show the love. Trust of each other is vital because it enables you to show your true emotions with the other person. There has also got to be a bit of give and take, but you can not take all and not expect to have to give anything in return, its got to be equal. Good communication is crucial, so you can know what the others person whats from the relationship, so listening and speaking are equally as important so each getting what each other need from the relationship. But last but defiantly not lest to have a heathy relationship you need to enjoy each others company and get on well.