Uncle Tom's Cabin

An Analysis of Cultural Interactions - A Hafiz, E Wang

During the 1850s, through the attention and aid given to them, African Americans became more civilized and integrated into American society in the eyes of their white superiors.

Individual Questions - Ayaz Hafiz

1. While the general theme of the UTC pictures portrayed the general cultural assimilation of the African Americans into the American society, subtle textures included the depiction of blacks as seemingly dark and sinister individuals through the overly dramatic coloring of their skin color. Additionally, the various pictures portrayed attempted to show the seeming individuality of the African Americans themselves in the sense of the independent culture they made in the United States through depiction of African American dance and song isolated from white influence.

2. The most surprising characteristic of the images related to UTC was the radical amount of pictures demonstrating civil interactions between the African Americans and the whites of the age; most specifically, between Uncle Tom and Eva. This was surprising because African Americans were typically seen as savages that white folk of the nation could not, and would not, be able to intermingle and spend common conversation with.

Individual Questions - Ellen Wang

1. Aside from the tendency of the African American society to depend on white culture in order to remold its own actions, various other visual images of the cabin itself depicted the isolation that surrounded the African American society, a clear indication of the general white resistance to the incorporation of people that seemed too different and inferior from them. This idea of separation between the two races was further perpetuated by the art pieces that focused on the difference in the civilized white actions and wild African American tendencies.

2. The most surprising aspect of the images seen was the sheer number of artworks that focused on the peaceful interracial interaction between whites and African Americans, a peaceful depiction of mutual dependency and support. Instead of the abuse that slaves endure that is voiced in the piece of literature, most of these images show both parties able to learn and grow from each other.