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Boracay Beach

Hello everyone, what'd you do during your spring break? I traveled to my home country, Philippines for 7 days. The first place I went to was Boracay, a white sanded island south of Manila. There are wonderful beaches and cozy hotels make Boracay a perfect place to go for a fun, family friendly vacation. Other than its beautiful beaches, Boracay is known for being one of the best places for relaxation. During my time there, I went to numerous restaraunts and an exciting place called Ariel's Point where people can go cliff diving.

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Times in Manila

I also went to Manila, the captial of the Philippines. The city is beautiful, and it has many attractions to go to. I had ridden a star shaped ferris wheel called the MOA eye in The Mall of Asia. I almost chickened out because of how tall been, but I'm glad I did because I had gotten to see the fireworks in the distance. Another place I went to Manila Ocean Park. It was a lot of fun, even though I got splashed multiple times by various sea animals.
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Places in Cebu

Cebu, Philippines was also a place I went to during my time in the Philippines. It wasn't the most fun place, but I went to Basilica del Santo Nino, an old church with an amazing stone structure. After that, I had gone to on trekking for Mt. Ikrag by going on the Budlaan trail, I passed by the closest waterfall to Cebu city. The trek itself had taken a long time, but the beautiful view was worth the wait.