Destiny's dreams for the future

My goal for being an orthodontist

My College Plan.

Before I get a job I obviously have to go to college. So I decided I want to go to U.N.C.

I'm going to college to be an orthodontist. At U.N.C it takes a few years in college before becoming a real orthodontist. You have to go to U.N.C for 6 years and then a year and a half working with someone else in another persons orthodontist.

How Much Money?

How much money do orthodontist make? They make $2,342 weekly. Yearly they make $121,807. Also each month they make $10,151. Also the tuition is $22,340 for U.N.C. So the total for your expense at U.N.C is 151,297.00. If I'm not going to be able to pay off college by myself I will have to get a student loan. After i get the job I will have to pay off my student loan. If I pay the student loan off for twenty five years It will cost $1,085.39 a month, with 299 payments. After all that I will have $9,065.61

How to help me get into U.N.C.

To get accepted into U.N.C I have to make good grades. I also need to help how I look, like I'm going to try to volunteer at the hospital even though I'm not getting money I am helping in a medical position. I'm thinking about it because I like helping people and seeing other people happy. I have to really work on good grades if I want to get into U.N.C.

When I get my company up and running.

When I get a company I am going to put a help wanted sign up and put it on the internet. When I get employees I'm going to get the job running and hopefully get a lot of patients. When I first get the building I am defiantly going to have a partner to start out with me. At first it is going to cost a lot because I have to rent the building, buy equipment for the patients, computers desks and furniture for them to sit on and I might put like books or magazines and a TV in the waiting room to entertain the parents and patients. I'm also going to put TV's in the back room where the patients will be when we call them so that some f them won't be so freaked out.

What I'm going to college to be.

When I go to college I'm planning to be an orthodontist. The reason I chose orthodontist is because I like helping people and working with kid's and I want to learn how to put on braces and fix peoples teeth and help out. If I become an orthodontist I can do both of them. I want to have a friend, partner to start off with to help me get set up and so that I will have someone that I already know to start off with.