Reading Stations

Week of December 7th-11th

Station 1: Text Structures with Ms. J

We are going to work this week on text structures. You will need a pencil.

Station 2: Text Structures with Ms. Hartmann

Ms. Hartmann will be working with you on Text Structures. You will need a pencil.

Station 3: Grammar Practice

Work to complete the worksheets about Interjections, Conjunctions, Prepositions, and Subject-Verb Agreement. The worksheets can be found in WHITE DRAWER #3.

I will take a grade on this on Friday.

Station 4: Study Island

You have an assignment in Study Island called "Text Structures, Roots, and Grammar Review". You need to work toward earning your blue ribbons on each of these skills:

Text Structures- Fiction

Text Structures- Nonfiction

Root Words





You should have at least 4 earned by the end of the week. I will be taking grades on all of them NEXT Friday.

Station 5: Roots Practice

This is a document with a lot of different Greek and Latin roots. At the bottom, there is a list with choices of activities that you can do with them. Take time to practice using these words today!

Station 6: iReady

Complete iReady lessons in Reading for the entire station time.

Early Finishers

  • Work to finish work from any other stations.
  • Read to Self
  • Use this Quizlet to study your vocabulary words for this Friday's roots test!
  • Dark Marker Videos- in Assignments tab on Discovery Ed

Thursday's Tasks

  • Make sure that you finish your assignments for this week. I will be taking a grade on your grammar practice sheet.

Friday's Tasks

*Get the answer sheet from Ms. Hartmann or the sub. Then, go here to find the task cards on Text Structures. Use the helpful sheet to find the answers and turn it in. I AM TAKING THIS FOR A GRADE!

*Then, go to Bubble Sheets and take the CFA for ELA for the week. Please do your very best work. Your code is: 532528

*If you finish before time to go home, please do iReady READING for the rest of the class period!