Hudson's Happenings

January 29, 2016

Notes From the Teacher

Student-led conferences are next week. I am sending a note home today with your preferred time frame. If you can't make it at that time, you may come anytime between 3:30-4:30 and 5:00-6:30. Please note that the room will be closed form 4:30-5:00. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Remember, these are student led and your child needs to come with you.

It is time to start preparing for 3rd grade. Second graders will be expected to work and act more like 3rd graders from here on out. This means that students need to be responsible and turn in their homework and Reading Log on time! I have a lot of students who are not turning in the nightly homework or weekly Reading Logs. Reading Logs are for a grade and have greatly effected grades. Students do not get their Homework brag tag if work is turned in late or not at all.

A note from Mrs. Backes about the play: "Practice for our Bugz musical is going very well. I am very prod of what the kids have accomplished in such a short amount of time. If your student has a speaking part, please practice their part with them at home. It is important that we have our parts memorized. Looking forward to a wonderful show on February 18th!"

The PTO is collecting items for the 2nd grade Silent Basket Auction. Our theme is Petite Picasso/Let's Get Crafty. If you are interested in donation items like colored pencils, crayons, markers, glitter pens, coloring books, construction paper, jewelry kits, model car kits, etc., the PTO would greatly appreciate it. Please send items to school by February 8th!

Six Flags Read to Succeed papers are due by February 26th!

This Week's Focus


*I can identify and use text features in an informational text.


*I can write like a scientist.

*I can take what I know about science writing and apply it to a new experiment.


*I can spell words that end with ck, k, tch, and ch.

*I can write and use contractions correctly in a sentence.


*I can connect numbers in a table to the situation they represent.

*I can use the correct language for a table and its parts (column, row)

*I can describe the pattern in numbers in a column.

*I can describe what is the same about situations that look different but can be represented by the same table.


*I can explain that all magnets can push or pull some objects.

*I can explain that all magnets have 2 poles (north, south) and are the strongest part of the magnet.

*I can recognize that magnets attract or repel each other.

*I can identify that materials that contain iron are attracted to magnets.

Upcoming Events

February 4th & 8th- Conferences

February 11th- Valentine Party

February 12th- NO SCHOOL

February 15th- NO SCHOOL

February 18th- 2nd Grade Play & Chili Supper