Insect Resistant Crops

By: Zuemy & Lindsay


  • Soil,water, and air research
  • Corn insects and crops genetics
  • U.S dairy forage research
  • National soil erosion research
  • National animals disease

Issues (Pros & cons)


Engineered plants have the potential to rapidly improve crop productivity.

Potential to improve food safety by removing allergens from plant products.


Not enough is known about whether pesticides built into plants are safe for human consumption.

Risk of accidental ingestion of medicines if raised in food crops.

What is Insect Resistant Crops?

Insect Resistant Crops are transgenic plants that have been created to resist parasites, weeds, fungi and even produce their own insecticide.
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News Article

In the 1960's Europe's plant- eating insects caused a great damage to the crops. Half of Europe's people became against insect pests because their crops was being destroyed. Bacillus Thuringiensis was the first to engineered into tobacco in Europe. In 1999, twenty five to thirty perfect of Europe's BT was sent to the United States. In January 2000, the BT cases went up to fifty percent. Only four percent of BT cotton was not treated with pesticides when the farmers grew stuff like crops and plants.