Stan Musial

November 21, 1920 - January 19, 2013

Stan the Man!!!

Stan Musial had the dream of being a professional ball player from the time that he was eight years old, and lucky enough, that dream came true. At only the age of 17, Musial signed to a professional contract in 1938 for the Saint Louis Cardinals as the teams pitcher.

More on Musial

The outfield, first baseman and pitcher were the positions that Musial played. Along with these positions, he also played the role of an incredible ball hitter! Below you can see him playing all of these positions:

Fun Facts!!

  • His nick name was Stan the Man.
  • While playing outfield due to a shortage of players, Musial permanently damaged his left shoulder diving for the ball.
  • Stan had a total of 475 home runs.
  • his batting average was .331.