It's a SUNsational Summer

with dōTERRA

Summer is FINALLY here. YAY!

I hope you're all enjoying your oils as much as I do. So many new oilers this month. If you're on the fence, this is a great time to take the plunge. dōTERRA continues to impress me with their constant offers and freebies.

Would you consider helping my buisness grow?

dōTERRA has not only offered me and my family health benefits, but it's also provided income that I otherwise wouldn't have. If you want to join my team, awesome! If not, that's ok. But would you consider hosting a class for me so I can get the word out and spread my love for oils to ever changing demographics? I would be forever grateful and I would offer some sweet incentives for you to do so. One of those being the Aroma Touch technique. It's a light massage method that boosts your immune system and reduces stress. I can come to you. Watch the video and decide for yourself. Or if that's not your style then I can offer free oils as well for doing so.

LRP Benefits

You probably want to know why I encourage you to order under the LRP (loyalty rewards program), don't you? Simple...I want you to get as much free product as possible. You start to earn points toward your orders and that turns into free oils. I've earned about 500 points in a year (which translates to $500 in free oils) and I think that's being modest, just for ordering in the LRP. That DOES NOT include the free product of the month or the freebies that I get on the big promo months (like this month). It's worth it to keep a continual LRP order. You can always modify it and keep something small in it just to accumulate and keep points. Lemon is a great one to roll with every month. It's $10 and so versatile. Just a thought

DIY Ideas

I want you to get the most from your oils and I LOVE DIY things that are easy and inexpensive

Epsom Bath Salts -

If you have a bunch of empty bottles and don't know what to do with them, save them and USE them. I added a bag of Epsom salts from target ($3) to a big glass jar from target ($5) and stuck my bottles, orifices, and caps in there. Let sit for a while and remove. The salts will absorb the oil. After you rinse them, they will be oil free. I hate wasting even a drop! The salts smell amazing and ready for a calming and relaxing bath. I do all of my oils. And it's a pretty way to keep your bath salts displayed.

Terra Shield Bug Spray -

If you don't have terrashield, put it on your LRP ASAP! It's our natural way to repel bugs and mosquitos. It's safe and affective for children, adults and the elderly. It's safe to use on it's own on the skin, but best to dilute to help it last longer. I use either a 2 or 4oz glass spray bottle, add 25-50 drops oil, 1TB witch hazel, and fill with water. Shake it up before use and voilà! Homemade (and affective) bug spray.

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Rachel Mackay

I've been a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate for almost a year and a half and I love what I do, every single day. It allows me to be home with my 4 boys and still contribute financially to my household as well as spread my passion for health and wellness to others. Meeting new people, continuing my education and having fun are pretty awesome perks as well. If you want to learn more about the business, let me know!