January Newsletter

Achieving Success Together - Réussir Ensemble

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Principal's Message

On behalf of all the staff, I would like to wish all our students and families a wonderful new year! I would like to thank all of the students, staff and volunteers who made our Christmas activities such a huge success. The Christmas concerts were filled with amazing musical talent and passion. During the last two weeks of December classes, students did an amazing job organizing school spirit activities, a school-wide dance and fundraising money to buy goats for families in developing nations.

Last week was a change at ÉCKS. We thank all our parents and students for their patience as the buses didn't run, and practices, games and field trips were cancelled. The many students who did attend school were warm and busy with modified classes and hanging out with their friends. Undoubtedly, February will be a very busy month as our students will be occupied with their studies, co-curricular and extracurricular activities in and around ÉCKS.

At the end of January, our Hockey Academy season ends. On behalf of all of the staff at ÉCKS, I would like to thank Mr. Lansing for his dedication and commitment to our Hockey Academy. Mr. Lansing will no longer be in charge of our Hockey Academy, as he will be spending all his time at Chester Ronning School. Mr. Lansing has created a program that has high expectations and great results for our students. It is a priority at ÉCKS to continue our Hockey Academy and we will most certainly have a teacher in place for next year who will continue with the same direction as Mr. Lansing.

February will mark the beginning of the ÉCKS Soccer Academy. Currently, thirty students will be working under the direction of Mrs. Andrukow and Mr. Tom McManus. Mrs. Andrukow teaches in Our House and played soccer for the Augustana Vikings and the U of A Pandas. Mr. McManus is the head coach for the Men's and Women's Soccer Teams at Augustana. We wish all players and coaches a great year in Soccer Academy.

Je remercie tous les élèves et le personnel de l'école qui font l'effort diligent de communiquer en français chaque jour. Notre programme d'immersion est un programme qui fait une différence! Merci à tous les parents qui font la promotion et soutiennent notre programme d'immersion français.

Respectfully yours,

Stephen Hoyland


2020 Accountability Survey

We need your input!

Each year Alberta Education sends out an Accountability Pillar Parent Survey. The survey is for parents of students in grades 4, 7 and 10. Last year 17 parents form ÉCKS participated in the survey. This year we are asking parents to set some time aside and please fill out their survey.

Parents receive their surveys in the mail, but you are able to complete it online at https://public.education.alberta.ca/apos/

Once at this website, please enter the 8-character Random Access Code located in the upper right corner of the tear-away portion of your paper survey and then follow the online survey instructions.

The Random Access Code does not and cannot be used to identify individual respondents.

We would really love to hear what you think.

School Communication

We believe that communication between the school and home is essential for parents. Starting this week, ÉCKS will be sending home regular Friday updates. We will inform parents via School Messenger, of what is planned for the following week.

We are also adding more information to our website each week. Please check us out online!

Running Room Indoor Games Starting Up!

Practices will be Wednesdays and Thursdays after school until 4:30 pm. Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 can attend practices, or enter into a variety of competitions including individual 200m, 800m, or 8X200m relay. For further information, students can speak to Mr. Wizniuk.


The grade 7 and 8 Drama class is pleased to announce the performance of High School Musical Jr. coming May 25 at the Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre.


Jazz Band Camp

The Jazz Band will be attending their annual retreat on February 7-8 at Battle Lake 4-H Camp. Students will work under the tutelage of Alberta's finest Jazz educators.

Important Band Dates

*Grade 7 Band Camp is March 18-20. Information will be coming soon.

*Grade 6,7, and 8 bands will participate in the Provincial Festival of Bands in May (Gr. 8 is May 11, Grade 7 is May 12, Gr. 6 is May 13).

*The spring concert is held at the Lougheed Centre on May 27.

*Grade 8 concert tour to BC is June 3-6

Fundraiser: VIP MEATS

Coming in February will be our second round of VIP Meats sales. All proceeds will go directly to student travel expenses for the Grade 7 Band Camp and the Grade 8 Band Tour. Grade 6 proceeds will help with any clinics, honour band, etc. Also, grade 6 and 7 money raised over and above what is needed will be carried over to next year for the student!


Team Red was in Sherwood Park on January 11th competing in a tournament at St. Theresa's School. The girls have been working on building their skills. We look forward to seeing what the rest of the season brings.

REVISED Basketball Schedule: Please Check for Changes Below

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Grade 7 and 8 Report Cards

Throughout BRSD, Gr. 7-12 Report Cards go home on Monday, February 3rd. If you have a child in Gr. 7 or 8, watch for their report card.

Busing Information

In recent weeks, bus drivers and school administrators have noted that some students have been getting on to their buses without their bus passes. Parents are reminded that students need to have a pass to board their bus. If your child has lost their pass, you can purchase a new one through our transportation department.

Positive News

This year at École Charlie Killam School, we made some noticeable changes with our timetabling and course offerings. This year, periods are shorter in time which allowed us to also add more core subject classes each week, we lengthened some of the recess time to allow students more time to transition between classes and visit with their friends. Additionally, we implemented a homeroom period after lunch where students work on mindfulness and team building activities for 10 minutes. We are halfway through the year and our data show us that our discipline rates are half of what they were last year. Making some simple changes have benefited many of our students.

Staffing Change - Merci and bonne chance

At the end of January Madame Tremblay will be leaving École Charlie Killam School. The students and staff of ÉCKS wish Madame Tremblay great success in her future endeavors. In the coming days, school administration will be hiring a replacement for Madame Tremblay.
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Achieving Success Together - Réussir Ensemble