Team Third Grade

Mrs. Behm, Mrs. Komar, & Mrs. Frye

September 13, 2019


Please take some time to read over our third-grade handbook. It has a lot of important information from what your child will be learning in third grade to expectations and procedures for this year.
Third Grade Handbook

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Language Workshop

Essential Question: How does change influence a community?

The theme for our first unit this year focuses on community. We will be reading and unpacking picture books that reveal characters who have made a difference in their community by their actions. Our students are learning how to listen well to their classmates' thinking as well as use various conversational moves that allow and invite deep thinking to unfold collectively. It has been a wonderful experience, thus far, to see how our third graders are able to construct knowledge and build upon each others thinking as they embrace and analyze each story. In addition to their active participation in large group conversations, they are also making their thinking visible about the characters, illustrators’ and authors’ intentions in their thoughtful logs. We are looking forward to a ton of learning and growth ahead as our readers begin to engage in books they love!

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Reader's Workshop

In Reader's Workshop, we have been learning and building good habits of selecting books that give us something to think and talk about as well as books that will keep us engaged and growing. We are beginning to keep a class reading log of the types of books we are choosing to read and this week we are launching our Book-in-a-Bag program that will help to build our reading stamina and love for reading. We are so grateful for your support in carving out the time needed each day to nurture and develop our young readers. Reading is about making meaning. What a gift of time to use toward building our brightest and most engaged learners, thinkers, noticers, and researchers.

Writing Workshop

We began our first few days by getting to know students as writers and learning what good third-grade writers do and don’t do. Then we started our first unit on personal narratives. We have been learning how to zoom in to write small moment seed stories instead of big watermelon stories. Thank you for helping your son or daughter to decorate their writing notebook and list ideas to write about! This is a big help when they encounter writer’s block.

Writing Small Moment Stories

Math Workshop

In math, students have been working hard to build routines and practice expectations. We have spent time exploring the components of math workshop: opening, mini-lesson, work time, and reflection. As we are learning how math should look like, sound like, and feel like, we are also focusing on bar and picture graphs. Mathematicians are learning how to interpret and compare data as well as how to describe their graphs. Students are persevering through tasks when things get tough and learning strategies on how to help them when they get stuck. Math practices remind our students' different components to help support our thinking. Practices that we have focused on so far are constructing arguments and critiquing others, modeling with different tools, and making sense of problems. The next part of this unit involves rounding numbers. Some questions to ask your kiddo at home: 1. What are some expectations during work time? 2. What is a strategy that you use when you get stuck? 3. Tell me about how you use accountable math talk.
Unit 1 Math Workshop Letter

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Science/Social Studies

We will start off the year with a social studies unit. Once that unit ends we will do a science unit. Our first unit is Geography. Students are learning where Waukesha is in relation to our county, state, country, continent, hemisphere, and world. In addition, we will work on map skills such as: compass rose, key/legend, and scale.
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Digital Citizenship

This week we have been learning about the importance of being a good digital citizen. We had an opportunity to practice checking our iPads to see that we were following the district policies. We are aware of using our school iPads appropriately and are anticipating that these expectations will be followed for the safety of all students. Thank you for your support!

Second Step

Our Second Step lessons revolve around the social-emotional learning of our third graders. This past week, we have had three different lessons such as how to be a respectful learner as well as how to ask for things you may need. Skills for learning that are enforced throughout our classes include focusing attention, listening, being assertive, and using self-talk. This vocabulary is used throughout Rose Glen! You may notice some home links that are sent after we complete a lesson. These are simply to stimulate discussion between you and your child. Home links are not homework however, we do encourage you to sit down and complete them.

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Please take a peek at our class schedule. It may be helpful if you are scheduling any appointments so you can find a less disruptive time. Also, each room has a different library day. Mrs. Frye’s class goes on Tuesdays, Mrs. Komar’s class goes on Wednesdays, and Mrs. Behm’s class goes on Thursdays. All library books will be due two weeks after that check out day.

Third Grade Schedule

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