The Launching Pad

Expanding our possiblities

More and more recently, I have been asked the question, “What would it take to have a Launching Pad in my community?” Often it is asked by a young adult who visits Launching Pad Berkeley, and dreams of a place like this where they live. Sometimes it is asked by a minister, who is longing for more young, engaged, spiritual leaders in their church. Or by a parent who would love for their child to be supported as they leave home for college.

Suddenly, with volume and velocity we have been receiving the message: we need programs like this everywhere!

This past year, we expanded to a second Launching Pad, in St. George, Utah. A small group of powerful young people called in a place where they could grow and expand spiritually. Our community in Berkeley heard the call, and in May, four members of our community moved to St. George and we opened Launching Pad Zion.

Meanwhile, Launching Pad Berkeley is moving into its fourth year, and continuing to grow and thrive. We are a non-traditional spiritual community. The young adults like to call it “UN-church,” because our Friday night services are so radically different from traditional church. There is no sermon; it’s a much more inter-active dialogue. The music is often original and performed by members of the community. There is always some kind of nurturing experience where people receive loving contact with others. Every part of the service is planned and led by young adults.

Both Launching Pads’ Berkeley and Zion have found that every week we have new visitors: a steady stream of young people who are seeking a spiritual community; who want to be supported in their spiritual practices and exploration. Many find their way into our classes and small groups.

We have become a touchstone for young people in Science of Mind from around the country. They find us by word of mouth or online and make the connection. Often they come and visit or attend one of our retreats. Many feel called into the ministry or choose to be a Practitioner, and want to live with us while they pursue that calling. The results are astonishing. Will have seven students in Practitioner studies this Fall, and our first ministerial student just entered Holmes Institute this month.

Please help us by supporting our evolving and expanding focus ministry. Our Berkeley and Zion communities count on the loving support of individuals and churches. Your contribution gives us with the ability to serve these amazing young people, who will be the leaders of this teaching as we move into the future. We expect to expand beyond Berkeley and Zion with your assistance we will accomplish more and more.

What we need is steady financial support that we can count on. Your monthly pledge allows us to plan our program with confidence. I’d like you to consider partnering with us this next year by committing 1% or more of your community’s tithe to support the Launching Pad. Some churches find it easier to commit to a dollar amount rather than a percentage. Either work great for us. Please click here to commit your support for 2014.

If you are unable to commit to a pledge for the year, we still welcome your support. You may make a one-time donation by clicking here.

We appreciate your gifts and your prayers more than words can express. Thank you for supporting us and for cheering us on.

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