Hello Toothpaste!

Argumentative Writing Assignment Final

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Say "hello" to hello toothpaste!

Hello toothpaste is a good choice because it fights cavities and strengthens enamel. Although it is quite expensive, it gets the job done. It is also is available in many different flavors. The toothpaste comes in colorful recyclable tubes. It also will make children want to brush their teeth more often. Would you buy hello toothpaste over Colgate?


To begin with,Hello Toothpaste is better than Colgate because there is more flavor options,there is also more benefiting. The benefits are that it blocks sensitivity, fights back cavities, it also strengthens tooth enamel. For example, your child is throwing a tantrum and you say "Do you want to brush your teeth with Hello Toothpaste?", your child will instantly stop crying. One advantage of Hello Toothpaste is that you wont get bored brushing your teeth,because your mouth is bursting with flavor and not just regular chalky mint flavor. The fact that not only it has more flavors it also has more effects that make you want to brush your teeth three time a day!


To wrap it up ,you should buy Hello toothpaste because if your gums are sensitive to regular minty toothpaste you should buy flavorful Hello toothpaste.it well also help the daily struggle parents trying to get their children to brush their teeth. also,you feel more energized throw out the day. This concludes why you should buy hello toothpaste .

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