A brain disorder

What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes seizures. It affects people all around the world and if someone has epilepsy as a child and it follows them to adulthood, that persons chance of dying is three times larger than someone without epilepsy. It can be caused by damage to the brain, various infections, and many other things but the truth is that the cause is unknown in at least 70% of the 65 million people in the world that have epilepsy.


Information about Epilepsy

Epilepsy disorder affects the nervous system. It disrupts the normal pattern of brain activity, causing the brain to have problems.

A normal nervous system works because the brain sends electrical impulses throughout the body so a specific action can be performed. When a person has epilepsy, certain things can disturb the brain easily like flashing lights and fast paced sounds that are usually high pitched, causing it to have problems sending signals throughout the body and the brain becomes incapable of doing a basic task.

Symptoms & Effects

Epilepsy can affect people of all ages. If the disorder follows someone from being a kid to an adult, it can triple their risk of death. 60% of people with epilepsy suffer from partial seizures. There are approximately 65 million cases of epilepsy currently.

Epilepsy can have a number of causes such as a major head injury, it can be passed down from a family member, brain tumors can cause it, and infections like meningitis may lead to epilepsy.

Diagnosis - Some symptoms of epilepsy are muscle spasms and convulsions. If these things occur, the person most likely has epilepsy.

As I said earlier muscle spasms and convulsions are common symptoms. The person with epilepsy can also become unconscious. Someone with severe epilepsy can have multiple seizures every day.

Prognosis - People who have had epilepsy from childhood to adulthood have a lifespan expectancy three times shorter than that of a normal human.


70% of people who have epilepsy can control it using common medication and surgery. People who have certain types of seizures use different medication or they might see a neurologist. Some Epileptic kids can go on special diets. Felbamate, passed by the food and drug on July 30 of 1978 is the first major epilepsy medicine.

A famous person with epilepsy

I do not know anyone with the disorder personally but their are plenty of well known people with epilepsy such as Hugo Weaving who was Agent Smith in The Matrix and Elrond in The Lord of The Rings.

Why I chose this topic

I chose to study this disorder because I have always wondered why someone would have a seizure because of certain light patterns or sound waves and because I wanted to know more about epilepsy in general.

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