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Eastlake Middle School 12.17.2018

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It's hard to believe, but we have arrived at the last week of the first semester. This week we are on special testing schedules and minimum day schedule (see calendar below). Stay strong this week and mind the following:

A. Sexual Harassment Training is due by December 21st. Please see the link below if you still need to take it.

B. EOC. Shannon did a great job of prepping everyone for the EOCs this week. If you have any issues, please contact the APs office for extra support.

C. Budget Update and Master Schedule. I have spoken with various teacher leadership groups in regards to budget cuts and its impact on our master schedule. Effective next semester, all curriculum specialist positions including BLS will be absorbed back into the master schedule. I have already spoken to the individuals involved and they will take on the 1/6th classes they are credentialed to teach. I will let you know of any other changes that can affect the master schedule as they come up.

D. Thank You! I appreciate everyone that attended the faculty party last week. It was a great event and we all know how much Don and Diana will be missed. Please take some time this week to say good-bye to these pillars of ELM!

E. Grades. Laura will send out reminders this week about submitting your grades. Please be mindful of deadlines!

F. Flex Spending Account. American Fidelity will be here on Dec. 18 to discuss Flex Spending Accounts. If you have child care or spend an inordinate amount of money on health expenses (dental include), I advise you stop by to see a representative. We will announce the exact place on campus.

Let's get to the light at the end of the tunnel! Let me know of any questions, concerns and/or comments.

Gratitude (Triton Trait of the Month!)

For the months of November & December we will be focusing on Gratitude, or appreciating what you are given.

When you feel gratitude, you feel a sense of abundance. When you express gratitude—especially when it’s heartfelt—you strengthen your relationships with others. Grateful people are happier and more fulfilled. And gratitude leads you to be nicer to other people: more cooperative, patient, and trusting.

For the months of November & December, we encourage gratitude in others. You can model it for others by talking about the good things that happen to you and reframing difficulties by highlighting positive aspects.

"I love this absolutely stunning sunset!"

"This week has been really challenging and stressful, but I am grateful to have support coworkers."

We hope you will continue to engage in great conversations about gratitude with your students. It is especially appropriate at this time of the year.

In the weeks to come, be sure to nominate students for Triton of the Week who exemplify gratitude.

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One of Our Gratitude Winners (Julian Sanchez - nominated by Pandhi)

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Week At A Glance

Monday, December 17

  • Finals 1 & 2 (1:15 dismissal)
  • 7th Grade Career Guidance Lessons (All 7th Science Classes)
  • Girls Basketball Practice (3:30 Pavilion Courts)

Tuesday, December 18

  • Finals 3 & 4 (1:15 dismissal)
  • 7th Grade Career Guidance Lessons (All 7th Science Classes)
  • Boys Basketball Practice (1:30 Pavilion courts)
  • Boys Soccer Practice (1:30 ELM Fields)

Wednesday, December 19
  • Finals 5 & 6 (1:15 dismissal)
  • 7th Grade Career Guidance Lessons (All 7th Science Classes)
  • ELM Staff Trade Show (1:30 Pavilion)
  • Grade Deadline (2:00 pm Infinite Campus)
  • Girls Basketball Practice (3:00 Blacktop Courts)

Thursday, December 20
  • FM2 Schedule – All Periods. Combined Lunch (1:15 Dismissal)

  • 7th Grade Career Guidance Lessons (All 7th Science Classes)

  • ASB Spirit Day: Holiday Dress Up Day
  • ASB Lunch Activity: Lip Sync in Pavilion
  • Girls Soccer Practice (1:30 ELM Fields)
  • Boys Basketball Practice (2:00 Pavilion Courts)

Friday, December 21
  • FM2 Schedule – All Periods. Combined Lunch (1:15 Dismissal)
  • 7th Grade Career Guidance Lessons (All 7th Science Classes)
  • Semester 1 Report Card Distribution (Period 1)

Down the Road

  • December 24 - January 15 - Winter Break
  • January 16 - Students & Teachers Return from Winter Break (Block A Schedule)
  • January 21 - MLK Day
  • January 22-25 - EduAbroad Visit #2
  • January 25 - Taste of Eastlake (5:00pm The Venue at Eastlake)
  • February 7 - 8th grade panoramic picture
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Mandatory Online Training

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Taste of Eastlake

We would love to see you at this great event!

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Purple Pride! We will miss you Diana and Don!

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A Message from our Assistant Principals!

Shannon and Dean

Have a great break and send students to us who are not taking the EOCs seriously. Let us know how we can help.


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