CAP: News Letter

By: Sophie Theis

Seedfolks- Teamwork

Teamwork is an essential when it comes to things you can't do on your own. A local garden in Cleveland Ohio started with nothing but land. But over the past few months they have had nothing but progress.

The garden is filled with tons of fruits and vegetables. Each product in the garden was grown by a different person. It just shows how important teamwork is, you can get big things done in a short amount of time. Some news reporters have said that they have started to call the gardeners "Seedfolks". Even kids are involved in the garden. For example, a girl named Kim has planted lima beans, and watched them grow over the months.

With all of the attention to the garden, more and more people are joining in and making the garden bigger and filled with produce! They have also started to plant flowers, and other plants. Watching the garden grow throughout the community is truly amazing. People all over are saying that, that is the best example of teamwork they have ever seen. As you can tell, you can accomplish almost anything with teamwork.

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Code Orange- Book Review

Code Orange is a fiction book based on a laid back kid who does a research project on smallpox. When he finds scabs in an old book, he starts to believe that he will get the disease. People that would love this book would be kids that like to read predicting stories, and don’t mind getting grossed out.

Caroline B. Cooney did not write this book in a series, but I personally think that it is a well written book that would not fit well in a series. Code Orange got published in 2005. Caroline B. Cooney has written many other books to, like “A Friend at midnight” and “Hit the road.” Caroline lives in South Carolina and New York.

Code Orange is nothing like I’ve ever read before. The New York setting along with an unforgettable plot makes an unforgettable book. Sometimes the story could get a little boring, and predictable. In the beginning of the story I didn’t predict anything, but in the middle of the story It started to get very predictable, almost like I knew what was going to happen.

Even if it was a little predicting, I still think it was a good book and I would give it 3 stars, and I defiantly recommend it.

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Locomotion- Character interview

“Hello Lonnie, welcome to your interview. So I have some questions for you. How did you feel when your parents died?”

“I was devastated. My sister and I have never gotten over it. I think about my parents every day.”

“I’m sorry to hear that Lonnie. So how do you feel about you and your sister being split up?”

“I am not happy about it at all. My sister Lilli and I are very close, and I’m still very upset about that. Especially because we don’t get to see each other very much anymore.”

“So tell me why you love poetry.”

“I love poetry because I love to write. Also, whenever I’m upset or bored I like to write my thoughts down on paper. It helps me calm down and eliminates my boredom.”

“Do you like who adopted you?”

“Yes, she is very nice and cares about me. She also helps me to think positive thoughts, because she knows what has happened to me. I’m also very thankful for her; no one else would adapt me.”

“Do you think that you will ever get to live with your sister again?”

“If her new foster mom is willing to. She doesn’t seem to like me, so my chances are very slim. I’m just hoping and praying that it will work out some day.”

“Do you like school?”

“Yes, very much. I love my teacher, and I have made some new friends. I also love it because I love to write poetry in language arts class.”

“Why is your nick name Locomotion?”

“My mom used to love the song Do the locomotion, and we would always dance to it together. So then she just started calling me locomotion.”

“Do you think that your sister has hope that you and her will get back together?”

“Defiantly. She gave me her Bible and told me to read it. She told me if I read it, we will someday be together again, that just shows that she has hope.”

“How did your parents die?”

“There was a big fire in our apartment complex, and my parents did not make it out. That’s when Lilli and I had to be adopted.

“What are your favorite things to write poems about?”

“I like to write about my feelings most of all. I write about my day and sometimes school.”

“This is my final question for you Lonnie, what helps you think positive.”

“The thought of my sister having hope, the Bible, my new foster mom, and just knowing that my parents are still with me, in Heaven.

“Thank you Lonnie for joining me on this interview and answering my questions .”