Genetically Modified Foods

Harmful or Helpful?

What is GMF?

A GMO or GMF is a genetically modified organism or food. This means that scientists have changed the DNA in the organism.

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What are some benefits of GMF?

Some benefits of Genetically Modified Foods include...

  • Pest resistance on crops
  • They develop a cold tolerance
  • It fights diseases on crops
  • Drought resistance
  • Has been in use for over a decade
  • Used by 8.25 million farmers in 17 countries on 6 continents

What are some risks of GMF?

Some risks of Genetically Modified Foods include..

  • Unknown toxins inside
  • Negative interactions
  • It is not labeled in the United States
  • It has a higher fat content

What is your opinion? Should they or should they not be banned?

I believe that products that have been Genetically Modified should not be banned. There is no reason because it hasn't been proven to cause any diseases. We have been using this for over a decade. There may be unknown toxins that people are afraid of but nothing that has been reported that makes people sick. With foods that are genetically modified they last longer. They don't freeze and insects are not drawn to it like most foods. It tastes no different but I do understand why people wouldn't want this. They like to eat foods with no toxins on it at all and for that I believe foods that have been Genetically Modified should have a label on it. That way people who don't care if they eat it or no can and those who do care don't have to.
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