The biggest state where it's mostly cold all year long

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Mt.Mckinley tallest mountain in the USA


Tourists go to Alaska to go see some beautiful sights like mountains,volcanoes,and glaciers,they go whale watching and you can see some beautiful animals. There are activities like skiing,hiking,dog sled and salmon fishing.
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Seals relaxing in the sun

Climate,natural resources and geographical features

The climate in Alaska is subarctic. There are many geographical features in Alaska including over three million lakes,glaciers,volcanoes,Largest mountain mt. Mic kindly,marshland and wetlands last islands.natural resources are Oil,gas ,trees,fish and gold.

Food and jobs

There are a lot of interesting jobs in Alaska. Including the oil industry gas industry and tree industry,there is fishing to. The food is also very interesting they have whale blubber,fish and reindeer hot dogs.
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Famus people

Benny Benson. At the age of 13 Benny Benson designed the Alaskan flag in 1972. Susan butcher won the Iditarod sled dog race 3 years in a row. The only women to do so.

Parker Olk

I am Parker Olk I have 3 sisters,a bearded dragon,3 cats,2 dogs,a fish and a turtle.

Keegan McLaughlin

I am Keegan I live in Chelsea MI on sugarloaf lake. I have 6 free range chickens and no other animals I am 12 years old and play ice hockey and soccer.