Lincoln's Weekly Newsletter

May 4-8, 2020

Principal's Post

Hello Everyone had welcome to another week, that is strikingly like last week and the week before. As we continue to move forward and are closer to the "end" of the school year, we have a few things to get accomplished in order to get things wrapped up for the school year.

Thank you to all parents and guardians who came and got the second round of packets last week. We appreciate your support in keeping our lions working on maintaining skills in reading and math during this time away. We hope the addition of the science packet provided you with some new things to try at home. Finally, we hope the books that were in the packet were well received and we encourage you to have your child read them either independently or together with you for 20 minutes a day. Truly, I can't say it enough, reading everyday is so very important. Improving reading fluency (the rate at which a person reads), increasing vocabulary, and enjoying the act of reading is a gift that we have the opportunity to give our children at this time. Reading for 20 minutes also doesn't stop once we reach the 15th of May, the date the Superintended has designated as the last day of instruction. Reading all summer long is important. Our Lincoln Lions need to be engaged with books, magazines, articles, ANY TEXT that can help them continue to be proficient readers. Please help us and support their learning this year, and for every year in the future, by making a family commitment to read day while we finish out this school year and all summer long. The time spent reading today will pay off in school tomorrow!

Finally just a few updates on collection of materials back to school, and our work to get back student belongings that were left at school in March. Teachers will be working in the building this week and next to pack up student belongings that need to be returned to families. We plan on having a pick up process, very similar to the packet pick up to allow for families to safely get any student belongings that may have been left at school on May 15th and 18th. This will be another time for library books or any other school materials that you have at home to be returned to us too! We are hopeful that yearbooks and pictures will be in so that can also be picked up, but we are at the mercy of Lifetouch, the company who prints them. They, like many businesses, were closed for the majority of March and April, and are behind in filling orders. If we do not have pictures and yearbooks in time for our scheduled days to pick up items at school, we will schedule another time and notify families when they can come get them. We will not wait until the fall to get them out to you, unless we are instructed to do so and it is out of our control.

Thank you for all that you are doing, and I know it is hard, to ensure that some time every day is spent reviewing Math and ELA skills with your child. I also thank you for your commitment to ensuring that there is reading for at least 20 minutes a day every day while schools is "in session" and over the summer. These practices will ensure that your child is ready in the fall.

Have a great week!

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Food Distribution Update

KCS will continue serving breakfast and lunches in the current distribution format until May 21st. The district will switch over to the Summer Feeding Program on Tuesday May 26th. Information regarding locations and neighborhood distribution for the Summer Feeding Program will be available in the near future.
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This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Never before has there been a time that we need to thank our teachers more than this year. Our teachers have completely adapted and changed the way they teach and how school is run in the matter of weeks. These changes support our students and parents as we adapt to this new normal for the end of this school year. Please take time this week to send an email, draw a picture, or say it over Zoom, "Thank You for all that you do!" Lincoln teachers are amazing and we are so glad to have them supporting out students.
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Nurse Brandy Is Our Hero!

National School Nurse Day was established to foster a better understanding of the role of school nurses in the educational setting and will be celebrated on the Wednesday, May 6 this year, of National Nurse Week, which is May 6th – May 12th each year.

The theme for this year is School Nurses: Supporting Students in Times of Crisis. This theme recognizes that school nurses play an integral role in the health of students, regardless of whether they’re in school or not. School nurses support students and student health every day of the year.

On National School Nurse Day, we want to take a special moment to celebrate and recognize the contributions that school nurses are making to the health and learning of our students. #SND2020

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Celebrating our Cafeteria Staff

This past Friday was School Lunch Hero Day and we want to celebrate the wonderful ladies who have worked tirelessly to support our community during this time. Our ladies, in addition to several Instructional Assistants have come into school every school day since March 16th to make breakfasts and lunches for our community. As of last Friday KCS has delivered 200,000 meals since we started this break. Our cafeteria staff, headed by Beverly Cloud, is nothing short of AMAZING!! We are so glad to have them and our support instructional assistants working to ensure that food is available to our kids.

Thoughts from Mrs. Way, School Counselor

Hello Lincoln families!

As we transition into May, know that I am missing all of the fun end of the year activities with you all. I enjoy seeing all of us come together to celebrate many end of the year things. I am missing in May more than ever seeing you and your families faces around the school building. It definitely makes me appreciate our community at Lincoln, and I am so thankful to know that we are not alone during this time. As we go into the rest of the school year and into summer, please know that we are here for you, whatever you may be going through. Do not be afraid to reach out for assistance in any way.

I know as the quarantine continues, it may be harder to explain what is going on to your children. I found a really great resource with a parent presentation to watch on how to explain and support your children during this time.

Until we meet again, stay well and safe.

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Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration for the 2020-21 school year is now open, effectively immediately, via, "Registration" on the homepage or click Student Registration Information. All new K-12 students may also register at this time.

Only Kingsport residents with children five (5) years of age on or before August 15, 2020 are eligible for Kindergarten. Parents/guardians must register for the school zoned for their residence; only parents or legal guardians may complete student registration documentation.

STREAMWORKS will host Virtual Summer Camps June 2020

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May the 4th Be with you!!

To celebrate May 4th our librarian, Mrs. McReynolds, has found some great resources for the Star Wars enthusiast in all of us! Enjoy!
Storytime with Daisy Ridley | Disney
Let's Draw Yoda
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Lincoln Lion's Are

Respectful, Responsible, Trustworthy, and Safe

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